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Church Goes on Sale For Bitcoin


Church on sale for bitcoin, October 2019

A 148 year old church is on sale for bitcoin in Darlington, north of England, with its selling price at £1.2 million.

“The vendor is willing to accept the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) as a method of payment,” they say before adding:

“The final sale price in BTC is to be agreed and confirmed with the vendor and will depend on the market valuation of BTC at the time of sale.”

The vendor in this case is Finest Properties, which describes itself as an independent estate agency specialising in the marketing of distinctive high quality properties.

They’re living up to that claim as it’s difficult to find a more distinctive property that’s literally a church (pictured), but has now been converted into one house with seven bedrooms.

All the church features have been kept, including the spire and tower outside, as well as stained glass with religious figures inside, the pipe organ, and some religious statues.

This St Laurence’s Church was built in 1871, designed by the Darlington based architect JP Pritchett.

Presumably not many are attending it anymore, so they’re just selling it off, with it unclear who exactly gets the money or who made the decision to sell it and how.

Save for the bitcoin part, this is being repeated across UK, with churches being sold off up and down the country. Some never open or open just an hour on Sunday. Some are now Tesco supermarkets.

This is even in cities where in some cases there are many homeless people. Instead of finding some shelter in the church and hopefully some comfort or redemption, they’re left outside in the cold.

Locals who after their shopping might want to find a quiet place now and then, are increasingly finding it difficult to do so because most churches do not open even during day time.

That’s partly because churches have not been great at adapting to a new age, or in recognizing their role as a community space and shelter for people that have fallen into difficulty, at times more so than even a religious space.

These could have been adapted to be some sort of youth club, but for adults, or some sort of educational space with community activities. Instead in this specific case it is being privatized for 182.65 bitcoins at the current price.


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