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Brexit Cat Still Moves Not, Nor Does Bitcoin


Conservatives walk out after Brexit amendment, Oct 2019

Parliament has passed an amendment that said they will not support a deal until all the surrounding legislation for withdrawal is passed.

The vote was very close, 322 for the amendment, 306 against. Meaning there was no meaningful vote on the deal today.

Now the Prime Minister has to ask for an extension, with it unclear whether EU will grant it as previously they have stated they won’t give an extension unless there’s an election or a referendum.

In this case however it might be just a technical extension, a few weeks just to pass the relevant laws, but this matter is primarily political rather than technical.

Labour of course has tried to effectively humiliate Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, by forcing him to break his “do or die” exit on the 31st of October.

Johnson however ordered conservatives to leave the chamber (pictured above), indicating clearly he plans to play.

A vote on the deal is now to be held on Monday, with Johnson indicating things would be very different when Parliament gets to vote again.

He said this vote today was close. He basically implied the house will have to think again. He indicated the choice might be deal or no deal.

Iain Duncan Smith, conservative Brexiteer, further said on Sky News that Johnson has established good rapport with EU. It might well be the case they say they’ve had enough, although of course very politely and diplomatically.

That would be Europe playing politics. A terrible position to put them in, especially comings from the very pro-EU Libdems who risk being seen as colluding with brexiteer Corbyn who may well actually want no deal to cause chaos and so gain power.

Making all this complicated, but Johnson will try and get this through and this time he happens to have the majority support of the population which generally wants to move to the next step, the “deep and special partnership” deal, and see what happens there.

For now though, the swans keep dancing, in a most peculiar atmosphere where Libdems align with Farage, while independents see the opportunity to crush nationalists under the leadership of a unionist liberal conservative.


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