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Britain Risking No Deal Exit After Boris Defeat on Brexit


Brexit vote oct 22 2019

The United Kingdom is on the verge of crashing out without a deal after another parliamentary session ended in a stalemate following yet another defeat of Boris Johnson, the generally unelected British Prime Minister.

In a meaningless vote, the opposition controlled parliament agreed by majority to begin the process of the second reading of the withdrawal bill.

In a second vote, they rejected the process of the timetable for the consideration of this bill, leading to yet another useless day in the British parliament.

Stepping back from his claim he would call for a general election in this situation, Boris Johnson ducked out of parliament.

The leader of the house, posh and rich aristocrat Jacobs Rees Mogg, informed parliament and the public the completely irrelevant “Queen’s” speech is now what is to be discussed for this entire week with Friday called off for parliament.

With just nine days to go until the United Kingdom is out, there stands no man nor woman in this entire isles with the faintest clue of what on earth is going on.

Nor does anyone know very much what is the next step. Aristocrat Johnson has claimed and has maintained today in parliament and in front of the public that the United Kingdom is out next Thursday, with or without a deal.

Liberal Democrats were quick to tell their supporters a deal has passed, but there is no deal, with Jo Swinson stating:

“Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal has passed its first vote in the House of Commons, but make no mistake: this is not a done deal.”

Indeed. No extension has been secured. The European Union member states may well say no. Just one is needed out of 27. EU however will try to stay out of this as much as it possibly can. The ball is fully on the Prime Minister’s court. On the court of the leader of the opposition too as they consider this matter with an election now extremely likely.


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