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Britain Heads to Brexit Election as Labour Folds


UK election

The United Kingdom is to have what might be the most heated election in generations in the December of Christmas lights.

“We are going to go out there, with the biggest campaign this party has ever mounted – totally united, totally determined,” Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s leader, said.

With that, any opposition to an election is now non existent. Libdems, SNP, Conservatives, and now Labour, all back the vote.

Which one exactly in parliament is not too clear. They’re wrangling over 12th of December or 9 of December with suggestions of a compromise for 11th of December.

There are suggestions of amendments for 16-17 year old votes, EU citizens votes, movements over whether the deal can be rushed through first or not while the campaign is on, but they all agree now to an election.

The vote in parliament later today therefore might be just a formality as it looks, almost for certain, the election is on.

An election that will transform the United Kingdom, whatever the outcome. An election that though polls say there are big gaps, we think is actually difficult to predict.

For the three main contenders, Boris, Jo and Corbyn, will have to lay out their vision of what Britain looks like in 2030 as this is likely to be a transformational election.

We’ve said plenty so far on all three of them, but once the race is on, we’ll hold our judgment as this is not just an election, it’s a new era whichever way it goes.

Its outcome matters for many reasons, and for this space too, London has played a crucial role. It is likely to continue to do so, and perhaps even more, depending on what happens in now just six weeks.

For it is here where what the world will look like in the next decade may well be determined, with three very different paths for the people of Britain to choose.

Thus democracy. Still strong in these isles. And thus presumably the biggest mobilization of the electorate where cats may vote too, through the wind and the snow, under the great metaphors of Christmas renewal.


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