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Lighthouse Almost “Feature Complete” For Ethereum 2.0 Mainnet Launch



Lighthouse, one of the more prominent ethereum 2.0 client is almost feature complete according to a recent statement.

They say the only thing left is “having the eth1 integration ready for review and merge” as Beacon nodes must connect to an eth1.x node .

As you might know, ethereum will have a new genesis block for the brand new Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain which acts as a beacon for sharding.

The Beacon PoS part is meant to go out early next year, while sharding might go out later in 2020 or probably more likely in 2021.

To access the Beacon chain you have to send eth to a deposit contract on the current Proof of Work (PoW) chain which then creates a bridge between current eth1 chain and the new eth2 chain.

This integration is apparently all that’s left for Lighthouse and they say they’re “getting very close” to completing it.

Once that is done, then they’re ready for the public multi-client testnet which they say “seems very close.”

A period of at least three months on that testnet is probably necessary presuming everything goes well. So if it launches next month, which appears likely, then the actual genesis block probably won’t be created until February, or more likely March.

The deposit contract itself is meant to launch too, but that’s being held up by standardization, which they say is close to being agreed. Justing Drake, an eth researcher, says:

“The [BLS] spec has not changed for a few months, except for a minor security change. Riad Wahby is addressing standardisation, and any possible patent infringements. There is a meeting of interested parties November 16th-22nd and expect freeze then…

Deposit contract formal verification to be completed in a couple of weeks. Discussing deposit creation website. Lots of testing, UI, etc. before deployment.”

So all this sounds like its at the very final stages, with ethereans soon now to begin the process of transitioning to ethereum 2.0.


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