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Bitcoin Autumn: November 5th Fireworks or Lazy Sleepy Orange Leafy?


It’s starting to feel like autumn, with days getting shorter and shorter, rain, some cold, and snow to come in much of the world.

And of bitcoin? Well, the $10,000 mark it appears to like, hugging it like a cosy night, diverging little up or down, sweet the spot, why move around.

That’s what banks, are telling the Lebanese, your money here to keeps, as revolts march on, Albani, shout the young.

The great reformer of Islam, in Arabia perhaps to come, close a chapter of much war, peace the dream, this autumn spring.

At the other end of the world, past does echo once amore, spend and spend the new government, capital controls, in a crisis striken country, where inflation galloups loudly.

There the bitcoin needed more, but cut off, tries central bank. Look and look do the young, of their system all around, as the one they kicked out, rules once more Argentine.

Who to rule Britania, is the question, in a century first election, this December to come.

Sing o do the young do not, watching, wondering, who to court, with their style and new punk, fashion there the new revolt.

Liberal Democratia dream of number 10. Boris watches, Boris wonders, should he really rule this land. Corbyn sits, barely thinks, there Britania, mother of many lands.

Parliament, dissolved will be, this November, the very fifth, to the fireworks in parks, as the world watches on, the great specter of democracy, where tougher the decision has hardly ever been, this century.

Hung parliament, bitcoin roars, yet a majority, for blue may be, with yellow to shout at thee, as official opposition, maybe, red to send to wilderness, in a very new kingdem.

In Hong Kong, much they tried, change in China, very hard, blockchain now, bitcoin nat, fools no one this asian land, as its tune changes once more, friends again, who is to know.

Americaaaa, the land advanced, activism, in fashion stands, to distract, from issues around, white or black, there still some stuck.

Change is hard, for civil society, took its flight, in decades past, where democracy, for granted was, leaving now, the new young, to wonder how, to bring it around.

Oppressed, the least perhaps, yet oppressed they still are, with investment prohibitions, that care not of color gendar, nor division, but one, very rich, everyone.

Change it how, by Congress act (?), where impeachment in fashion stands, much important, not to us, laws we care, yet laws are nat.

Europe, the name unscathered, the new land, one might imagine, where change, necessity, Citizens’ Summit, thus the beginning.

Friends to make, tensions ease, Ursula truly to lead? German banks, euro code, great new theme, if it can be caught, opportunities, so be brought.

Thus the world this autumn spring, moving parts, all around, but bitcoin, is moving not, for now.

11 year old, only jumps, too excited, to slowly run, thinks of future, plenty plenty, what it will be, when it grows up.

A generalist, the rarest species, yet most needed, yet most needed, for too many, know too little, and too few know much at all.

But one thing, perhaps all know. There’s great reason, for optimism, as a new decade, dawns. 2020, one hopes, the year of miracles.

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