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Port of Marseille Says Blockchain Pilot “Proves” the Tech


Marseille Port

The French Port of Marseille has completed a trial which began in June and in announcing its findings they say:

“The completion of a Blockchain pilot scheme coordinated and part-financed by the Marseille Fos port authority has proven the solution’s scope for enhancing intermodal freight movements on major French logistics axis the Mediterranean-Rhone-Saone (MeRS) corridor.”

The Méditerranée-Rhône-Saône corridor is a major trading area for French shipping where blockchain tech was utilized in supply chains to evaluate its security and benefits in particular where goods are transported in multiple ways like through road and sea.

Shippers were provided with a “collaborative platform” to simplify container imports and exports with the support of various manufacturing companies as well as road and river transport suppliers. After months of trial, they conclude:

“Results from trials held over recent months have now been reviewed at a meeting hosted by the port and demonstrated that harmonisation of the digital transport chain improved fluidity, reliability and competitiveness of pre- and post-forwarding on the crucial hinterland axis.”

They say these findings signal a logistics boost in the Marseille hinterland, with this being one of the few pilots that has completed and so provides some evidence of the efficacy of blockchain technology.

How the blockchain is designed in this case is not clear, but last year a somewhat general process was established where paper is basically digitized and sharable with others on the collaborative platform without worrying about anyone being able to modify the document.

This has turned out to be beneficial in shipping in particular and in supply chains more generally primarily because digitization has not quite been possible in a secure way until the blockchain platforms came along.

That has led shipping captains of industry to say blockchain is “transformative” and “the most promising technology in logistics,” with these trial findings now adding to the credibility of this still very new tech.

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