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On the Global Slowing Down of the Economy


China’s growth has slowed in real term after inflation to 2.2%. America’s growth rate has gone down to 2%, with its inflation at 1.8%. Meaning in real terms, this is not growing at all. In the United Kingdom, the economy is contracting when accounting for inflation.

This global slowdown raises a question that is not discussed much: why is there such slowdown and what is the solution?

World population growth, Nov 2019
World population growth, Nov 2019

The world population has grown to 7.7 billion, up nearly 1 billion since 2010. Education is up across the world. Healthcare. Peace in most places. Administrative management is extending across continents to provide common services and infrastructure.

Knowledge, expertise, and tools, are improving constantly. So why is growth non-existent or worse?

The simple likely answer is monetization. The more complex answer starts with a degradation of knowledge or its appreciation in the ruling classes who are far more interested in access control than facilitating meritocratic governance.

Like a teenager who chooses weed or TV, instead of a good book to tell the great stories of history that far surpass in fascination what weed imagination or TV can provide, so too our ruling class – which is cut from the same cloth globally – escapes the real problems through the tricks of money printing.

The pantomime show of empty arguments in many parliaments or congresses is combined in distraction with the occasional fireworks in an unaccountable and largely unresponsive system where representation is a facade and mostly non-existent.

Does anyone really believe the people of Britain elected Tony Blair in 2005 in the true meaning of the word election?

Does anyone really believe after the great blunder of the Iraq war became so vivid and obvious, the people of America elected Bush again?

In both cases, there was no fraud, but in both cases it was a sham election as neither had real opposition.

We now face largely the same situation. Boris Johnson, the contender for British Prime Minister, looks set to gain perhaps a landslide.

Looked objectively, is there really a proper debate in Britain on the big matters, including the, in real term, ongoing recession in the United Kingdom, or are we enjoying such great pleasures as: “Boris Johnson backs fish and chips over Sunday roast in the first Tory election broadcast.”

Is the nearly 80 years old Biden really to be an opposition to Trump? Can any voter really feel confidence in Warren meeting Putin? Would anyone really vote for the man who got cheated by his own party, let alone actual enemies, Sanders?

Is there really not one men in the entire of America or Britain that can stand as proper opposition to give the country a proper debate?

The answer is no, not currently, but when they want to, Obama pops up out of nothing, does his stage acting part, and leaves with the same neocon wars everywhere. In UK, for Blair opposition they had completely unappealing pancakes, yet suddenly pops Cameron, suddenly pops Boris and suddenly there’s Farage too, but not one on the other side.

They have no interest in solving actual problems. Jay Clayton, SEC chair and one of the cowboys that are now in charge under the spell of Strauss – the child of esoteric Nietzsche who so lost touch with reality his own brain rejected him – said it best when he argued the aristocrats of 100 years ago were smart, and that nothing needed to be changed because all works fine.

The Deceptiveness of Power

Escaping is comfortable, and sometime necessary. The task at hand might not be addressable due to limitations outside of one’s control, so to ignore it and pretend it is not there at all, can be healthy, provided it is to buy time.

Globally at a systemic level we have been escaping for a decade. We have been fed a spectacle of fireworks to our occasional pleasure so that our fears are projected and thus erased in an escape from reality which, as it happens, still remains the very same.

That political angle is crucial for without it one can’t understand the economic angle. Here, the fireworks are the excuse for all the theft, with the chief example being Putin himself, worth $70 billion while his salary is hardly $100,000 a year.

Where did all that money come from if not the purse of the state, the pocket of ordinary Russians, many of whome would love to leave the country and leave behind their dignity.

Putin we say because to mention our own is not quite something you do. Why does billionaire Trump, or aristocrat Boris, so desperately want to be president? And what does Putin care, or even know if he did care, about economic growth?

His background was spying. Geopolitics. The same trash of past centuries that chain him and his people for the gain of no one, not even himself for grandpa will soon exit the stage by the order of existence.

And what does Boris know of economic growth? His training is in classical history, as in: how you can fool people. He, like the rest at his station, are tabula rasas, a sponge for others to shape as they please.

And of Trump, why he has benefited immensely from precisely the way things are. He might not know why he was such a beneficiary – the great peace of the 90s and the championing of meritocracy, at least ostensibly, the digital innovation and the spread of liberalization – but he knows he benefited and thus presumably he’d rather nothing changes.

Of economics, what does he know but what indoctrination he was taught on how to cheat the system. You think they teach anything more but stupidity in their skulls and bones or bullingdon clubs?

Four years on, say one policy of Trump that has anything to do with the economy save for the tax cuts which a baby can do.

The Fallen Pen

The absence of any apparent intellect is the greatest indication of a complete ideological coup, a complete takeover by the invisible but very visible neocons.

They rule almost all halls of power, almost all institutions, and many media institutions.

They have ruled for 20 years and their dominance is now almost complete. Their preachings now made no longer by the priests, for it is “mainstream” where it matters.

Their hate for peace or pleasure, and their communistic roots, have led to a situation of almost total control. Not on the surface, we can still speak freely and democracy still stands, but structurally civil society has been dismantled.

There is almost no input in the law making process by the public, save for in easily rigable elections every four years when they can promise the world and go back to the neocon ways of total control.

No issue of relevance is publicly discussed nor debated not least because there is no proper forum for it.

No pen can speak for an atmosphere of brigading and censuring through artificial “armies” is the new today, a day where income independence is a rarity, securable only by the church which is being sold off everywhere and closes its doors 24/7, and thus all are subject to the artificial pressures of being fired as is glamorized in the hell holes of national state TV which has raised the “you’re fired” to the President of the United States.

And though it is easy to think of identity politics as of the left, it is in fact neocons that came up with it, and perfected it, and utilize it on both ends.

Their aim is a souless world. Bots controlled by these idiots who think they know anything and who think we all are animals to be caged within the confines of their technocratic expertise which has bread and will always bread only incompetence, visible today with their pavlovian Twitter and the like which nag us with anger and rage to consume the pleasure of living. By words, yes, but we mean by their bots, with their dopamine orchestrated in Frankestine labs where skulls are in display and WORSHIPED.

The Delusion

It’s easy. If I create a dollar, and here grows a tree, then I didn’t create a dollar, I just took the tree from the tree maker.

There is growth, however, because my dollar will go to pay more tree makers, so let’s create more dollars, and thus have more trees, and since the number of trees is growing, apple trees of course, the economy is growing and all is good.

The problem is the tree maker’s son wants to eat too, and since all his fathers’ trees have been taken, he doesn’t quite have the time to think how to make this tree-making business better.

For he is chained under the artificial confines of numerous obligations with their many demands that barely allow him to breath, let alone engage in thinking.

That’s fine, we just create more dollars. That gives resources to think, but these dollars are now sent not to the tree maker, but to the dollar printers’ friends.

The tree maker can just about keep up. That’s fine, let’s send some of them to war and so we have less tree owners. Why burn money when you can burn people say the skull worshipers.

The problem is this process eventually reaches the printer himself for at some point the tree-makers will be desensitized and so wonder why send themselves to war instead of sending the maestro to where he came from and take all his trees?

The Solution

The immediate solution is a far greater involvement of the public in the decision making process. From that comes everything else and without it nothing comes but the French sort.

Our current institutions are crumbling and all know it, yet at the same time no one wants them to collapse at least in the west.

For it is easy to see evil people, but in these pages we don’t think evil people exist. Misguided perhaps, incompetent or even stupid, but not necessarily intentional worshipers of death.

The solution thus is freedom, as always. More freedom for the public to have an actual input in national regulatory agencies in particular, and power too to dictate jury style on many matters.

The public, by necessity must have a national forum where it can debate and even decide, for it is becoming somewhat obvious now that the enlightenment revolution has had an almost total counter-revolution where the aristocrats have once again gained full discretion, which they most probably know is not conductive of maintaining their stations.

For stupidity is to act in a way that harms both yourself and others to no gain of neither. The expected emotional reaction thus of a ruler should be tempered by the rational understanding of the need for public binding and constant advice to his or her ruling.

For the game of deception is not a game of anything other than delusion accountable eventually and unnotifiably to that mistress of existence.

Tis time for realism. Tis time for objectivity. Tis time to exercise intellect and most importantly, it is time to look at the problems and actually solve them not in pretense, but through proper processes, through proper representation, through the elevation of the public.

For man must evolve, and if man does not evolve, then man is no more.

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