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Anonymous Re-Enters with $75 Million Bitcoin


Anonymous is apparently returning to the scene, or trying to, with an announcement they are to invest $75 million worth of bitcoin on start-ups that focus on protection of personal data, tools for anonymity, cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Where this huge sum came from is not clear, nor is it clear whether they have any connection to the anon hackers that largely ended up in prison, like Hector Xavier Monsegur, better known as Sabu of LulzSec.

To be Anonymous, however, you have to just claim it, and that’s precisely what they have done.

“We are ready to fight for change,” they say, with a press release stating: “The manipulation of people occurs not only in big politics, but also in our daily lives. A perfect example is the level of addiction that the general population has to social networks – addiction orchestrated and achieved by corporations.”

Anonymous was part of what can be called the very first online demonstration and protest, with LulzSec more the rioters or what in physical protests would be called the black block.

The feisty ones that turned huge botted machines towards many corporate sites to DDoS them off the internet, leaking in some cases information with perhaps the more memorable ones being those from Stratfor, an intelligence company that focused and still focuses on geopolitical analysis and advises on national strategy mainly in a somewhat confrontational manner towards friends and neighbors, let alone enemies.

This Anonymous however is seemingly largely staying out of that sort of thing, with their focus seemingly more on attracting good startups that want to focus on building new tech.

Why this shouldn’t be considered as just a marketing ploy is not clear, but they say: “Investing is just the beginning. Anonymous have developed a number of strategies and methods that will be announced later.”


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