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Iranians Burn Bank


Iranians burn bank, Nov 2019

Iranians have risen in almost every city. There are suggestions 27 people have been shot dead. Cars are being abandoned to close roads. The internet has been shut down. A bank has been burned (pictured above).

Some suggest this is a branch of the Iranian Central Bank in Behbahan, a costal city in western Iran of 120,000 people.

Yet this appears to be Bank Melli Iran, a national and retail bank in Iran which is the biggest in the islamic world and in the Middle East.

Only Bank and Iran can be discerned in English in the above image, with Melli presumably in the middle as the emblem clearly appears to be theirs, rather than the central banks’ which is different.

This outpouring of revolt follows a sudden announcement that fuel prices were to be increased by 50%, cutting fuel subsidies ostensibly to provide more for the poor.

It appears almost instantly they took to the streets, with the protests generally peaceful, but also sometimes deadly as live ammunition has been fired.


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