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Bitcoiner Goes Missing in Hong Kong


James Bang, Hong Kong

A bitcoiner is feared missing in Hong Kong since August according to a recent statement by an apparent connection.

James Bang (pictured left) was introduced to bitcoin in 2014 after being asked to accept Bitcoin donations for the livestream of the then ongoing protest in Hong Kong.

Chris Ellis, a bitcoin developer, assisted him with setting up a wallet. Some 3.7 bitcoins were donated, now worth $30,000.

Since then James Bang got more involved in the crypto space, with his Twitter stating he is using Blockchain to solve real world problems.

Yet apparently now he is unresponsive, with his last online activity seemingly on the 3rd of August 2019. Ellis has tried to contact him, but has received no response.

His last Twitter statements referred to the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, with Bang stating in July:

“HongKong Police hope you learned tonight from the beating handed to you in #shatinprotest DO NOT attack retreating peaceful protesters in a shopping mall! You attack us we will fight back we are Hong Kongers! Your brutal strategies don’t work in a mall full of Hong Kongers.”

The situation in Hong Kong has become desperate. After months of protesting, there have been no concessions to their five demands which include universal suffrage.

The fight for freedom and democracy has seen some fierce battles in the past few days between students and ostensibly the police.

The latter has surrounded the university, where apparently lays access to controlling the internet of Hong Kong.

Some 200 students are still inside after a week of fierce fighting. Many are escaping, but the world watches on the cries of freedom in our age and our helplessness to do much but spectate as Hong Kong now becomes a symbol for an entire generation across the world.


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