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How The Millennial Generation Could Destroy the World


We thought long and hard about writing such article. 1984 has become a manual was on our mind, and we didn’t want to write another manual, yet as above so below, as in light so in darkness, and thus what follows is a complete product of imagination, and any resemblance to real events is a pure coincidence.

The year is 2030 and a great story is being told in a corner of Las Resistance Des Codes where a night of parting had given way to this unique sitting around of drunken honesty.

There had been a secret coup, the protagonist said. For 20 years neocons had moved to subvert all institutions across the globe through false flags of terrist attacks and the like to concentrate unquestionable power into the easily pickable “executive,” and so subvert any checks and balances by coopting the legislature, the judiciary, the media, and of course the civil service.

The few that were aware in the mid-teens of this century moved to limit this drive for total control, but though they delayed it, they failed after trumped up charges and severe punishment through the judiciary placed most of them in jail for decades.

Awareness grew however across the globe to the point they rose for one reason or another in all continents with the fiercest battles occurring in Hong Kong, the primordial colony, but not colony, but colony.

As students were surrounded in the university, fighting tooth and nail for liberty, the rest watched. In another universe, they raised the flag of independence shortly after, in this universe, the resistance fell.

Aware of the coup, but unwilling to say a word of it, courts, prosecution, judicial processes, and other excuses were used against it in other countries. Prime ministers were charged, presidents impeached, but that turned out to be a distraction.

The last stand of civil society collapsed with a whimper, and like they call it the People’s Republic, so too they kept singing praise to the now non existent democracy.

The coup, up to this point almost total, had become total. Knowing so, things changed and very quickly. The smart ones, who had fought tooth and nail until this point, found it more fit to bite the tongue and wait for generations to come. Reality thus as it was, they became reality.

Enemies became friends. A devil of course still they were seen, but tolerated, even accepted, and of course facilitated.

The propaganda that was previously resisted, was now willingly enjoyed. Like a fox that can’t catch grapes, liberty was no longer wanted.

In public they said what they said before, including all the things about freedom and privacy and all the rest. In action, they implemented complete transparency for all, and privacy for the chiefs.

They kept lauding decentralization and its many wonders, but in action they ensured there is central and total control.

They still spoke of the dreams of changing the world and even claimed they were in fact changing it for the better, but in action they ensured there can be no further attempt of actually changing the world.

Surveillance, pervasive even before the coup, had now reached the stage where apps were recommending what you should have for breakfast based on what you bought for breakfast in previous days or indeed in your weekly shopping.

Bread was tokenized. Pasta had its own unique token. And likewise for all food-stuff in a supermarket. All tied to your email like address which is tied to your name.

As the pasta token is a random string of letters and numbers, on the surface you’d think its scanning to your address is just as it always was, without identifying you or the product.

You must recall once the view switched from revolucion to fuck it, so too the focus turned from informing to hiding knowledge. Thus, this unique token which can identify the product and can identify it belongs to you and can be analyzed, was more… efficiency, productivity, yellow happy stuff. And if confronted, a nervous smile and the anger internalized from the now long past failure is enough to, like the fox, swear at the tree and call it all sorts.

Every encounter of such challenging proposition strengthened their conviction to the point, with the aid of brainwashing propaganda, the attitude of total control was internalized.

The process took two years, for most of them, under a unison barrage in national media, in all public spaces, in internet forums which now were practically – though not explicitly or anywhere seen to be explicitly – under government control, and pretty much in all surroundings, thus even at home.

The illusion, though pervasive, was not unchallenged. Those negatively affected spoke and often loudly, and they were heard though not quite heard. But within the now reformed pioneers of advancement of humankind, much of this was ignored as political nonsense.

They were engineers, men or somewhat rarely women of science. They were engaging in the enlightened ideas of trial and experiment, and they had just connected the first autonomous machine to the blockchain.

No one cared except in sciency circles, initially. When a demo of it was showcased, whispers began. Soon after the public expressed its anger online. China’s near sinking of a US submarine made them all move on. The real show was now a far more fun one of whether the best buddies will or will not have a fight.

No car could move an inch without the government knowing thanks to a blending of wifi, blockchain, smart contracts, tokenization, and controllable crypto money.

A constant blizzard of propaganda makes this the advancement of the age, with few knowing of the total control and if you challenge it you are a luddite, a hippy at best or someone to be jailed on the “extreme” end.

And this was leaked. It all was shown to all and after a few days of shouting about it from the comfort of their home, they parked it in their mind to watch the newer show of the US ship now almost sinking a Chinese submarine from their shore.

Blockchain technology had now reached the stage where one could tell who drank which milk. Automation was accelerating every second to the occasional protests which were generally unknown but to the protesters themselves. Its visibility became apparent when an unmanned police car crashed off the highway a car they thought belonged to a criminal. It so happened to be a very fine lady, and it so happened to be she was in it.

The story unignorable for the family well connected, yet the story telling uninformative for the government was trying to cover its track, and though it spoke loudly of the independence of the media, had of course perfected the art of the media not being independent at all.

And it all worked. This surface lauding of advancement while fully subverting it had this quality of allowing and at times facilitating dissent while at the same time being not affected by it at all.

That’s why you hear about “managing decline.” They don’t operate in secret, they tell you, if you can read them, they tell you of the problems and how they’d love to solve them, but by action they also tell you they don’t care, that it isn’t quite their problem, that they have total control and that challenging it should for you be unthinkable because this is just how things are and have always been.

Yet, as they know well, there has also been the case that their aims have always been subverted. A bot made to malfunction. A blockchain hacked. A wifi jammed. And of course the ultimate: an uprising.

Not that in this day and age of the year 2030 one can speak of the latter or that it should be done. Why fight blockchenized bots when you can peacefully try and implement all the good things and change by consent.

Who wants collapse when we can slowly be collapsed instead? Not like glorious revolutions have ever been performed. Blood, that’s what they say is revolucion, not the far gentle sort of bringing the Church of the Vatican down, or the monarchies of many past lands.

Only they can do peaceful revolucion, or coups. Ours of course are always violent as they kill us through false flags in our streets, or fake wars, or total control of all institutions that dare say now on what bread we can spend our money.

Look around you. Where’s the pen? Who speaks for anything? Where the internet of liberation? Where this blockchain that for neocons can handle a trillion transactions a second, but for the public can’t handle a village and no more.

There has been a coup. Shhhh. There has been a coup! SHHHHHH. But there has, there has been a coup.

fly the flag
and wave round
for libertas
on our lands
stand and dance
for tonight
shout thy shout
lions roud
shout and shout
dance and dance
yang ones
for tonight
dance for life
mighty god
wave thy flag.

The above has been inspired by a comment long ago asking why we don’t look at what can go wrong. Editorial Copyrights

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