Boris Johnson, The Terrorist?


An entire community today is shivering in fear, and across the world hundreds of millions of people are living a few moments of horror.

The story too familiar. The blanket wearing running women or men. The most vivid images of terror streamed on twitter to hundreds of million.

For a second, the peace has been broken. Images of the hero carrying a knife that ostensibly was taken from the assailant, while throwing away a bag of sorts that some say is a cheeseburger, are now the images for those who on this fine Friday night thought they were to enjoy some fun.

The chorus in the media, unquestioning of anything at all, speaks of heros and villains in a tale presumably for the children of the world.

That’s British media. As far as Milan and Silicon Valley, family and loved ones are calling those in London. Are you alright?

The media chorus, unquestionably reports of the bravery all around and the fear of women and men.

Of heros, we too sing the greatest praise and have no doubt there are many of them, in this incident and elsewhere.

Of victims, we can only pray they do get well, and if they can’t, we can only pray: may we live.

Yet of fear on our land, the first time perhaps, the second, the 500th. But now? Who exactly are we meant to fear now?

Is anyone to be faulted for suspecting Boris Johnson himself may have engineered the above to get a score in the antisemitism vs islamophobia debating battle going on between him and Jeremy Corbyn?

Are we after two decades still afraid to call out these dictator’s tactics, a terrorizing of the people by their own government not by just some knife wielding man, whoever that was for videos don’t actually show so, but by the terrorizing media that interrupts us in all places with their terror.

Are we to have the armed police (in Britain!) on camera dragging by the clothes someone who was holding down the suspect, so that in cold blood they could shoot down this – by now – defenseless man who was as subject to handcuffs as the ruthless merciless bullets that silenced his tongue.

Are we really to sit here and not speculate that this fits perfectly with Boris Johnsons’ agenda now that his crude anti-muslims writings have come out.

Are we not to at least hypothesize that he, as Prime Minister, may have engineered all the above to say: look what sort of people these are, be terrified, vote for me.

Where is the proper investigation into the assassination of the Labour MP, Jo Cox, days before the Brexit referendum?

Are we to really think that was just some guy and not a sophisticated political plot which made that tiny 2% difference to force the people of Britain at the point of the gun to give a most astonishing result contrary to all polls stating remain was 10% ahead.

And are we to think the failure to investigate who actually ordered it is some coincidence? Was it the government?

When the air is so thick, does this government still dare to engage in what all know: terrorizing its own people either by facilitating it or allowing it.

And do they think now two decades on most would not see the dictatorial like ruthlessness of this theatre which, so happens to have real people as “collateral damage” and hundreds of millions as psychological damage.

How many times do they think it takes for intelligence officers to come out weeks after and tell all they knew the assailant, or in some cases to be revealed they egged on the assailant, or for everyone to be desensitized to it all?

Is this what a Boris Johnson premiership looks like? Five more years of terror? A dictatorship for five years more?

What muslim would think, at the height of an election where one ostensibly is pro muslim and the other is against, what muslim would think oh hey let’s be cartoon villain so that the against muslims guy wins?

In what universe it makes sense for a muslim to be engaged in an attack right now, or really at any time, but especially right now and get presumably their enemy elected?

In the universe of dictatorship, where defenseless men are shot in front of all, and where corporate media tells us to be terrorized with no questions asked.

Well, the pen is silent no more. Like the rivers of Rome, so too it flows and flows.

A prorogation of parliament. An obvious false flag. Two weeks to go. Is there any independent now who is not terrified of Boris Johnson and a continuation of the reign of terror in our age men?

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