United States vs Digerati: Cold War 2.0?


It is said the Mayans fell because at the beginning when their best came up with the abstraction of mathematics, they chose base 25 instead of base 10.

The best of them realized this fundamental decision had created considerable undesirable complexities, and it would be far better if they could move to base 10, but so much was built upon base 25 that to change it was a monumental task.

The same of course applies to our own early civilization. There too, at the beginning, simple math was very complex. But seeing the challenge, the Greeks in particular, and soon after them the Romans and even the early Islamic civilization, did not shy away.

Pythagoras is a name known by all as a mathematician, but he was far more. The five angled star was a symbol of a brotherhood of men who stood up when politics interfered with what they called beauty, or truth, or what we would call: touching objectivity.

It is unknown whether the Mayans had a Socrates, but that story told at school or in folklore, and soon forgot, says much about why the European civilization in the end won, so far.

He refused to move from his convictions, and knowing the consequences he refused still. That can only be for one reason: he knew what man is, what existence is. He knew why we live. And he knew that if he did not live matters not, but that what he did do while he lived matters a lot.

Had Socrates not stood, the present would be very different. Yet, a word of caution, and unpack this if you can.

It is said the Christians won over more nuanced Rome because they were so unmoving in their conviction of truth, or beauty, or indeed objectivity.

And in deep reading, they did touch all three. The teachings of Jesus in fact are far too advanced even for our age, but there’s a reason why they’re “advanced,” and it’s not “human nature.”

It’s more what can be called the Mayan trap. Once they won, they had for so long simplified the metaphors to the point they now became literal, that either they forgot what the metaphors were, or after standing up for so long, they could no longer stand up to the politicization of truth, or beauty, or indeed objectivity.

The legend of the Templars, kept alive to today by mere word of mouth, tells that moment when politics won.

In the Middle Temple of London and in the Inns of Court some of their bodies stand, for it is here in 1080-something where law and history began and modern Britain’s identity.

What happened in those times so dark we know almost nothing for the pen had fallen fully, but the will to beauty necessarily resurfaced again with the defining moment here being: and yet it moves.

Earth, that is. Galileo, the utterer of it. Copernicus was hanged. But the world was achanging.

The glorious revolution in Britain had a king’s head off and a civil war, but glorious still despite two decades of oppression for they came to a resolution fairly quickly.

It was the scientists that led it. The thinkers, the maths, the ones that saw the challenge and said it should still nonetheless be addressed as it was addressed, with man so adapting, changing, evolving, and advancing.

Here too there was a Pythagoras of sorts. A star that shone so bright his name is not even known. They called them the illuminated.

That word in our day sends shivers. As for the Templars, all that was bad was, is, said of them. They appreciated the nuances of the Greek metaphors. They understood their application to the then dominant power: the doctrine of the Vatican. They saw this description of god as king and king as god, while they thought the king, or the pope, is merely a fallible man.

That their legend is so vividly kept alive to today says more than any fact or opinion. The people clearly strongly supported them, for why else would they keep their name alive.

Who it was, what they did, those are unknowns. But if we have to guess as we must in a sea of unknowns, we would say they were the descendants of Socrates.

The men, and perhaps some women, who seeing truth or beauty or objectivity, thought it not fit to stand down in the face of politicization.

It is in their tradition that JFK said: “not because it is easy, but because it is hard.” For they knew what easy means. The Mayans are just an example of far too many.

At no point were their discoveries simply accepted initially. To the contrary, they were always pressured to accept the task was too big to be attempted.

Socrates was just a fool who did not appreciate the complexities. Jesus too. Galileo. Tesla’s pigeons. Or Turing’s prison. Or in our day Schwartz. Or indeed Griffith.

Naive ideologues who don’t appreciate the rules set by king god whose right to dictate comes from heavens above and is not subject to challenge by such nonsense concepts like truth or beauty or, far less, the forgotten world of objectivity.

For we live in post-modernistic subjective superstition where THE LAW must be obeyed without excuse or reasoning as THIS IS THUS according to the high command of fallible fools who’ve spent not a second to exercise that pleasure of thinking, let alone to know why these bots exist at all.

We lay down arms here, and we hold them where? We retrace on this point, and we stand on which one? We throw down this principle when so many have already been burned, and we uphold… which one?

Look around. Where are our freedoms? And if we cower to the challenges at hand like the Mayans did then why should anyone think we won’t meet the very same fate?

And if we don’t stand now, when? If we don’t take the examples that have been set, then what do we take? If we don’t see the obvious, then how are we worthy of seeing anything? If we are to fall, then let’s at least do in song, our very own of course:

for water ii
and i am water
the shape of earth
of seas arooounnnd
and sillent i
drip drip life
and thundering
from aboooooooveeeee
for water ii
grow paradise
hell too
no one knows thaahaaasssss
for water i
silent stand
transparent beauty
of sky and aaaaartth
and whater iiiiiiiiii
clean and clean
of nothing think
and water i
see around
transparent god of liihhaaaiiiiviiviviiiiiiivivivifeee
from down in hell
by godss grace
beat the draaahamss
and bots shiver
for my pleasure
and thundery
o thy tremmor
rainbow flaahag
rainbow flaahaag

my cchildren u
here they pleasure
bots arraahound
bots arraaahhaahahaoounnndnd
oh can i speak
to lift this ground
mountains shake

terror u cunts

sin is mine i love u much
so i river
cleaning roads aand
and i go
feeding butterfield
and thundeers hiiiiiighhghgh
aand i see
and i wonder
to the ground
yet what i
atom waater
say in the
dictator lland
you flowerss
seeded for centuries
rise you all of mind at alll
rise you angels of seven seas
its time for battle
its time for war
rise you atoms in all corners
rise you men of repute
it is here, here stands tomorrow

flying wings or chained thy twig
rise o rise u indipand
by all means and by all kind
thy existance here stands
rise for the love of mighty llife
rise o rise in all stances
rise o risse in hell and heaven
rise o rise you atoms wide
rise o rise u men of god
with guitar and pen at hand
up the mountaains down the vallies
rise u men unbotified
for the bots are so demanding
rise in danub and in rhyne
himalayas alabamm
let us dance for once young ones
fesstival of human kind
rise o rise in iran
russia cchina saudi land
in franciso and new york
sing milan berlinov

rise u bots of ages olld
sing thy hymn of libertas
rise you lovers to be told

rise you all,, rise and rise.

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