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Ethereum 2.0 Deposit Contract Now Waiting For Report While Beacon Testnet Explorer Launches


Eth 2.0 Beacon chain single client testnet explorer, Dec 2019

The deposit contract for ethereum 2.0 is seemingly unlikley to go out this month because it is now waiting for a report according to Danny Ryan, eth 2.0 coordinator, who said:

“Runtime Verificaton will be publishing their full formal veirifcation, analysis, and report within the month. Once that is published, we can deploy the contract.

I am a little hesitant to deploy the official contract until we have gone through a public multi-client testnet to sanity check this process.

That said, I don’t expect particular issues with that component as there are a number of single client testnets using the deposit contract as is.

I know this item is important for the community as a signal that things are moving forward. Once the RV report is out this month, we can discuss a good date.”

So they’re now going through an audit, modeling, and the like, with Runtime Verification describing itself as having experience in “formal modeling, analysis, safety, security, validation and verification…

We’ve worked with NASA, DARPA, Boeing, and Toyota, on formalizing and verifying safety and mission critical systems, and with IOHK and the Ethereum Foundation to formally model and verify not only smart contracts, but also consensus protocols, programming languages and virtual machines.”

Ryan says all this, including the report, should be done within a month. Then it depends what they come back with. If there are things to be fixed, that will take some time, with the deposit contract launching perhaps in late January or February at the earliest by our estimate based on the above.

The deposit contract naturally has to go through a testnet before then, with it unclear at this stage when the ethereum 2.0 multi-client testnet is to launch.

An explorer has gone out for it, however, but this is for the Prysmatic Labs specific single client Beacon chain testnet.

Lighthouse has recently launched their single client public testnet too, with their code also going through an audit.

So a winter testent launch and a spring mainnet launch for the ethereum 2.0 genesis block is now the earliest estimate, but things are moving and all this is reaching final stages.


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