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Poloniex to Delist Digibyte After its Founder Criticized Justin Sun and Tron


One of the biggest crypto exchange, Poloniex, has announced they will delist Digibyte after a “careful review” that was completed in just a few hours of Jared Tate, Digibyte’s founder, stating:

“Tron was the most blatant con job we saw after diving into 100s of projects and blockchain protocols.”

In a Twitter storm he said “Binance controls 56% of Tron voting power. So between CZ & Sun they can control 25 of 27 nodes.”

“I am royally pissed my personal data, my friends and families data and other US DigiByte customers most sensitive data is now in the hands of this circus that is now Poloniex. Or the TRX shill factory as we should now call it,” he said.

In reply to that, Poloniex said: “We don’t own any US customers’ data as all of them are preserved by Circle. By the way, after careful review, we decided DigiByte is not qualified for our listing standard. We will delist DGB soon. Details to be announced.”

Just what exactly is going on here is not too clear. Digibyte is an old, but very little known crypto and it’s little known because it doesn’t really have much innovation.

Jared Tate is even less known, but he’s bothered to write a book and seems to spend much time plugin it everywhere, including in the above tweets.

His Linkedin is very sparse, but it says he studies psychology at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

From that it would be a bit of a jump to suggest this is just an extension of the US-China trade war, but his statements about Tron are mere regurgitation of information publicly revealed years ago.

Justin Sun recently revealed he took a big stake in Poloniex, and although there’s plenty to say about him, we are intrigued by his potential plans for the crypto exchange especially where it concerns China’s crypto blockade.

Changpeng Zhao of Binance has also tried to keep the frontlines with his exchange at times locking hacked funds.

So while there’s plenty to be said about both, Tate’s behavior is a bit peculiar and may be more an engagement in controversy marketing, a fairly new social media fueled field that says a lot about those that practice it.

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  1. And you guys didn’t bother to mention how centralised Tron network is & Therefore Jared is correct about Tron.

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