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Parity Urges Urgent Upgrade as They Forgot to Include an EIP Hours Before Ethereum Fork



One of ethereum’s main client, Parity, has suddenly announced everyone that uses them has to upgrade again because somehow they forgot to include an Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP).

“Parity Ethereum v2.5.11-stable is an emergency patch release that adds the missing eip1344_transition for mainnet – Users are advised to update as soon as possible to prevent any issues with the imminent Istanbul hardfork,” they say.

The EIP in question “proposes to add an opcode to retrieve the chain id of the chain that the block has been mined on.

This would allow smart contract to validate signatures that use replay protection (as proposed in EIP-155 14).

Currently the only way is to hardcode the chain id into the smart contract. This poses a problem in case of a hardfork.

This opcode would allow multi signature contracts that use signatures to implement better replay protection and increase security.”

Just how they forgot to include a whole EIP is not clear. Nor is it clear how they only found out hours before the upgrade of the entire ethereum network which is meant to activate tomorrow.

Nor is it clear why anyone is using this client at all. There are plenty others that are not under the payroll of a different blockchain project that aims to provide the same capabilities as ethereum.

The reason is obviously because of inertia presumably as the Parity team initially was focused solely on eth, but now running their client is not much different than bitcoiners running a client launched by the BCH dev team, or the latter running a client by Blockstream.

Hence presumably why they managed to forget this EIP and somehow remembered just before the “hardfork.”


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  1. They own probably 20-30% of all polkadot tokens of course they are let’s say it the Kind way distracted with that devolpment that will make them super super rich when polkodat get a valuations in the billions…

    Where else from Eth devolpment they have zero to gain because they lost all their coins in the hack….

    Just hrink about motivation -))

    They were owning 200 000 Eth so they were super motivated and incentitives to make ethereum strong and stronger cause they benefit directly from every dollar up… Now after the hack and the community ungrateful did not help them to get their fortune back they are super mega pissed and poor again -)!

    So they found a way to get again 100-500 Mio usd in cash and that’s polkodat. If it reaches 2-3 billions market cap in next bull market they will be worth that much again which they were worth before the hack.

    That’swhy parity for me has a very strong conflict of interest.

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