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Is There Actually One Ring to Rule Them All?


Tis but fire that’s burned by water, and water that’s covered by earth, and earth held by iron, and all in a ring of god.

That much of social relations of human endeavors would be revealed by cryptos is perhaps something that wasn’t expected.

To analyze it has many dangers, for the labyrinth has many dead ends, and we have a good chance of finding one.

Thus must bear in mind that to say decentralization is dead is to say there is no labyrinth. Meaning, the exit way is not only mistaken, but is burned down, leaving all without an exit.

Specifically we’re referring to what now appears absent and yet was once considered as something at least worthy of entertaining.

Anarchic capitalism was where the millennial generation ended at when in search of governance ideas amidst a complete abuse of power by the elected and the financial or wealthy elite which sent them to war and took the money of those they didn’t send to war.

With the banking collapse especially, a search was on in USA and Europe for a new system. For an explanation. For a savior.

Students especially had concluded the current system had to be rewriten, but with what?

Come the hour came no man, or woman. It’s as if imagination was dead. Is dead. The same old books regurgitated for communism, or nazism or indeed liberalism.

Democracy, or capitalism, is the worst system save for all other systems, was the slogan repeated and repeated. As if to prove it, only inferior systems were shown.

And here the danger. If man can not adapt then man is no more. Yet the suggested way of adaptation by some with far too big a microphone is the China model or Russia model. Autocratic technocracy. The rule by “wise” kings.

We Didn’t Chose

Have millennials failed is a very big question. Was it cowardice their decentralization, is another. Are the structures of control so rigid and unmovable that they only end up at the wrong maze, is yet another question. And the most important of them all: do they ignore the maze completely by escaping into the appearance of action?

The bitcoin chain-split fork was an admission of defeat. Why were they defeated? Because the levers of powers were into the hands of a coordinating few who so controlled a sufficient part of the entire spectrum.

Words did not quite matter. Right or wrong certainly not. What mattered was raw power, and here the viciousness of social relations.

Yemen is being razed, and it is being razed because people rose against their rulers who basically told them to f*** off.

People said, basically, no you f*** off. And the response was: oh yeah, well tell that to these men with guns. Who got the response: well, the people have men with guns too. So they’re razing their own land.

The same of course happened in Syria. In Libya before that too. In Egypt they were a bit smarter. They said: OK, we’ll get rid of this guy, get a new one. Then they said: well, we don’t like this new guy, back to junta.

They. In Hong Kong for months and months and still they have nothing to show. Do they even have a ring there that they can take?

More importantly is this ring setup a necessary requirement of human relations, or an artificial construct derived from more primitive times?

The Fall of Decentralization

What appears and what is are two very different things and however much one might like appearance, there are plenty who see is and utilize it for their mortal gain.

In appearance bitcoin is of course decentralized, but it so happened just ten individuals controlled all the mining power of the network.

Those individuals so identified in 2016, were persuaded to sign a binding document to run code only by a set of devs.

In a way lords swore loyalties to the king. Revolting, peasants created their own kingdom, but in the process they left behind the rich land. All the gold and all the rivers, all the arable fields they had refined with advanced tools for years.

To new born children these revolting peasants were authoritarian, totalitarian, terrorists, who eat their babies and starve their men.

Refined and unnoticeable censorship was utilized to isolate the peasants. Thus the new generation only knew of the glories of their own kingdom, and how they are so civilized and advanced, how they do things better than anyone. How they are superior to all.

As the first and biggest refined land with rich rivers, their civilization grew numerous, and it grew to think of itself as free under the authoritarianism of the king which was excused by: all other systems are worse, what can you do.

While the rebels could only hold the mountains, with little vegetation and thus slower growth in population. The new generation there was taught of why the king was wrong, but they were better dressed in the kingdom and better fed, and they eventually were fed up of being isolated.

The River

To burn the ring one must first know there is a ring, and what is the ring, or more importantly perhaps why it should be burned and whether it should be burned.

Perhaps there is nothing wrong with the ring except for a need for some polishing. Perhaps any of it has nothing to do with the ring, but fake rings, or unworthy wearers of it, or a system of custodianship that needs refining, or indeed maybe there is actually nothing wrong at all and bored men just want to play.

Regardless, that there is a ring is indisputable. A kingship ring. One covered fully except when absolutely necessary.

Take David Cameron. It took him just two days of riots in London to call in the army on our streets in a “democracy.” His potential replacement, Boris Johnson, would not only do likewise but perhaps would do it with gusto.

They rioted of course because David Cameron was killing them, slowly, but the poverty in some London ghetos and the desperation is not seen by the rich villagers that vote conservative.

On the other hand, fear was so gripping the capital at the time that his response was not only welcomed, but courted no scrutiny.

In the years that followed, Cameron’s government would deport British citizens with the general population pretty much cheering him on because isis, even though these were Jamaicans.

Go Home became a slogan of the government itself, and those that had been asked to come were now inferior “others” useful for, in America, concentration camps.

To finalize the ring’s deceit they asked the people to ratify a decision long made in the 90s by George Soros, which the right accuses of all things in projection, for he single handedly broke the Bank of England, kicked the isles out of euro, and so set the stage for whatever might come.

And in a shameless subjugation of a free peoples, the rabbi now dares call the leader of the opposition all sorts.

Like the mullas, these “impartial” and “independent” religious figures or experts circle around the mesmerizing power of the ring to beat us, knowing they have the levers and we only words which can in many ways mean nothing.

So leaving only magic, but as it happens that magic is not outside the system, it too seems to have rings.

And you can’t quite escape those rings. Well, not meaningfully. The only known ways are the brotherhood sorts, or, the more subtle dusting of the ring as bitcoin has turned out to be.

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