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Bitcoin Beats Boris Johnson


Boris Johnson first cabinet meeting, Dec 2019

Bitcoin is back to attracting the attention of the world more than Boris Johnson, the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

After briefly attracting the attention of the world more than even bitcoin for last week, Johnson is now back on his place behind bitcoin and heading lower.

Bitcoin and Boris Johnson Google searches, Dec 2019
Bitcoin and Boris Johnson Google searches, Dec 2019

UK still likes Boris a bit more than bitcoin, but for the rest of the world the blond is of no care compared to the gold coin.

Thankfully for him, they care even less for Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn, which bitcoin beats even in UK. But the week before the election, Corbyn and Boris were neck and neck in what started becoming a close race until the day of the vote itself when it became clear to the British public Johnson was the right decision.

Trumping all three in “popularity” or interest is of course Donald Trump, the President of the United States.

Bitcoin overtook even him once, but now people worldwide care much more about Trump than bitcoin.

Trump, bitcoin, Boris, Corbyn, Dec 2019
Trump, bitcoin, Boris, Corbyn, Dec 2019

Interestingly Poland, Spain, Italy, India, Brazil and some other countries care more about bitcoin than even Trump.

Generally however they are all trumped by the president, presumably because of that whole impeachment stuff.

Yet it is Boris the fresh new one now, but his landslide kind of makes people not really care much, unlike Trump’s stupendously close win which gave the opposition opening to be at his throat all the time.

In UK, for now there is pretty much no opposition. The huge win means the country is fully united behind Mr Johnson and is happy to just let him get on with whatever he wants to do, within reason obviously.


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