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Ethereum 2.0 Audit Expected by February


“This is getting real,” Danny Ryan, the ethereum 2.0 coordinator, publicly said in the latest update on the progress of ethereum 2.0.

He said Least Authority is to conduct “a comprehensive security audit of the eth2 core Phase 0 specifications focusing on critical items such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, resource misuse attacks that could lead to unintended forks/adversarial chains, network related attacks, any attacks that impact funds, and more.”

The audit initial report is expected “to be released in early February,” Ryan said, with this nearing the final stages.

Before then, the spec has to be locked down following some changes with Ryan releasing a version today.

“The next scheduled release is for early January,” Ryan said before further adding:

“This v0.10.0 release will be dedicated to the integration of the new BLS standards into the core eth2 specs.

The v0.10.x release series with production-grade BLS is planned to be the target for the final testnets and ultimately for mainnet release.

There is still work to be done, but there is an all-around heroic effort currently tackling it.”

A January final spec release will allow teams to then implement whatever changes there may have been with the audit potentially requiring changes or otherwise, so there should hopefully be a multi-client testnet launch this winter.

The deposit contract presumably will have to be tested too, with all this likely to take at least three months from circa February, so there might be a mainnet launch by hopefully June and you’d think certainly by July.

They could also perhaps do it around the same time as the halvening, with 2020 having plenty of big events.

First the BCH halvening should be around April or maybe March as their blocks have been running a bit fast.

Then there’s the big bitcoin halvening, with this being a first since it went mainstream in awareness in America, Europe and elsewhere.

This should be around May, with little spectacle except blockchain explorers will show the last block that receives 12.5 BTC and the first one that receives 6.25.

Who knows though, the machine might malfunction, the algo might go nuts, Nakamoto might have played a trick to show all are too stupid, or of course we all see the far, far, far more likely 6.25 block.

That’s a big event for many reasons. For the first time, bitcoin’s inflation goes to 2%, same as Fed’s target rate.

The halvening after gets to “real” territory at just 3.125 bitcoin per block and that’s not as far as it looks, 2024.

In the meantime we’ll all see just what 2% digital gold means, with bitcoin so moving to the hardest money known to man.

Then there’s the eth2.0 genesis block launch probably in May at the earliest or hopefully by June but certainly by July you’d think now, but who knows.

Once that goes out a lot of eth’s supply will be locked out. How much no one knows, but this could take out 10 million eth, if not more, out of circulation.

So 2020 is a big year. Maybe the biggest yet as all kind of starts taking shape.


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