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The World in 2020s


A decade might seem like a very long time, but once it’s gone, it may seem like it was no time at all.

So the teens are now ended, with young adults this year the first to have no first hand memory of the atrocious events that opened this millennium.

Like the river cleans all dirt, to leave only traces, so too time, with this new decade now perhaps sending much to “mere” historic events that happened once at a time long, long gone.

That provides an opportunity to regenerate. To look more towards the future, than the past. To see what can be done, instead of what was.

Meaning we are to expect, perhaps, a transformational decade as this new generation progresses through it to the very top of power with the them, becoming us.

The Plan

The goal of this generation must necessarily be to at least initiate the space age. The justification for it is the same as why we exist at all. To be, at least some of us must become space explorers for though certain the present might seem, with its changing seasons and its rituals, dinosaurs have shown it is in fact quite fragile.

To become, we have to unite. Perhaps not necessarily formally. But there must be a bond, a shared something, a blindness to whether one is jew or muslim, Chinese or American.

Why? Because we exist as a coordinating block of atoms which has the ability through speech and intellect to extend its own capabilities by in effect multiplying them through connections squared. Here the parable:

“Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves…

If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.”

The bible says it was the lord, but the bible also says the devil will confuse. Thus we look at the words only and analyze them regardless of who they came from, and the words are plain.

Thus how do we achieve this unification so that nothing will be impossible for us? Magic, of course. Technology.

Das Revolucion

A most unique event occurred this year which showed globally how the people have united for they rose in all continents.

Information in this digital age travels through language in about a week. There are no firewalls. There is no censorship. Not where it matters.

This speed of communication through 8 billion people is due to many factors that include the almost total penetration of the english speaking language.

The glue to it is code, something very new, very unappreciated, and extremely powerful regardless of station or resources.

The aristocrat’s servants, like Herbert Marshall McLuhan, would have seen this code as a great uniter and thus would have argued it is a divider.

But truth is, we don’t actually know what it is. We thus can choose what it is, and our choice is to see it as the purest method of communication after maths or even at the same level.

Like the Pythagoran brotherhood raised Greece, so too code can raise the entire human civilization, for it allows us to clone ourselves not just through connection with other humans, but also through concretising the raw product of imagination.

As this “product” speaks no distinct language but that of the universal language, a unification of the human race at an intellectual level is not only likely, but inevitable.

The “tribes” and all the rest may still continue, but a leap is upon us that evolves man to the point it has the resources and the capabilities as well as the will to perhaps even harvest stars.

The Entropy Axis

“If the kleptocracy controls technology and the means of distribution, then they simply accumulate more wealth at the expense of their citizens.” – CFTC Commissioner.

If there does exist a devil, his aim would not be regression, but stagnation, for to regress is visible and can be felt, while to stagnate gives the illusion of no regression at the same time as entropy slowly ensures one is in fact regressing.

Due to the very fact entropy exists, if one does not progress and at a certain speed, then one is falling.

Nature shows this fact very well. Though the pyramids of Giza still stand, dust is all the rest that surrounds it. All the houses, fountains, all that green and pleasant land that once most probably was.

And we are not dust like them because we did not stick with pharaos. We tried kings. We tried ruling ourselves by the lot. We tried theocratic priesthood governance. We brought presidents, prime ministers, and many, many mixtures.

Yet some say – the aristocrats’ servants – that this continuous adaptation by necessity, has in fact reached a point where history has ended.

That end of history allowed entropy to do what entropy does. Now, who can say history has ended?

To think one has perfection is to think one is dead. That is, one doesn’t exist. If one exists, then by definition they can not be perfect. That’s in fact the best part of existing. The attempt to get closer and closer to perfection while never quite having it.

And why should one bother with this? Well because as it happens, it is not nothing that exists. It is instead something that exists.

In other words, being is not quite a choice. The composition of our atoms may go back to atoms or may take another form, but those atoms, or rather, it is the case that energy can not be created nor destroyed.

Yet energy can be enslaved by entropy. So explaining our astonishing willingness to depart in the name of freedom.

Now that perhaps it has been a sufficiently long time, one can freely suggest that Bin Laden was not truly acting in the name of religion, but in the name of nationalism, which is a far too crude vehicle for acquiring self-sovereignty and thus freedom.

It is for freedom, not nonsense Santa Clause level myths, that someone was willing to give certain death to assassinate the Russian ambassador in that Turkish art gallery.

Freedom, both through the enslavement of others to extend your own capability and both through the kicking out of enslavers to extend your own capability, is a drive not just out of pleasure, but out of necessity.

For it is the end results of entropy that can be called perhaps even indefinite hell, and it is existence that can be called heaven.

It is in this life where 70 virgins exist, and if we extend throughout the universe we will have many of them. It is in the end results of entropy where you are kept in a constant state of burning.

And the chief entropy culprit for this generation is geopolitics. This adversarial and military attitude in a consensual game of rulers coordination with the aim of secretly enslaving the far too many beautiful people.

Instead of reducing their coordination ability, the people’s coordination ability has been increased, and such increase is likely to accelerate considerably this decade, for the necessity to start exploring the stars is becoming undeniable.

And while some might see good and evil, we see only complexities. For at the risk of offending plenty, even Hitler can be seen as a product of certain forces and mistaken ideas, instead of an intentional cartoonish child-eater as the aristocrats’ slaves like to paint.

Nor is quite that Hitleresque approach of geopolitics something sent to the books, and even though we don’t call it Hitleresque, its dominance at the top of current governance affairs almost ensures a repeat unless this generation races faster, stronger, and higher to cut entropy through the roar of liberty.

A liberty amplified by the potential incredible coordinating ability of this god gifted blockchain network which not only empowers, but glues in a uniquely efficient way that has the potential perhaps to facilitate even the beating of entropy itself.

the mistress of illusion,
the original shroidangar,
the trap of Maya,
the evil of mighty god,
and devil too you know,
the glue of thugs,,
Stalin and Hitla,
the game of snakes,
who forget of cats.

the chaining mistress,
of libertas,
the venom spider,
of all minds,
the illusive, non existent,
the vacuum of heart,
the artificial, the great lie.

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  1. So, it is blockchain or the Nazis come back? Exagerate much? Also, your dig at Fuyukama’s “End of History” only proves his point – it is either liberal democracy, or a new dark age. Blockchain – properly used – can enhance liberal democracy so long as it is the transparent, incorruptible system envisioned by its founder, Dr. Craig S. Wright. If it becomes an anonymous system for drug dealers, then it will make things worse, not better. This fantasy of “elites running everything and blockchain will overthrow them” shows the people peddling this fantasy need psychiatric help, and nothing more. In the 2020’s blockchain will mature hopefully and become an enhancer to the systems of democracy, not an overthrower. Anarchy breeds only strongmen – like Hitler for instance – to quell it – it is something to be avoided, not sought. Dr. Wright saw all this long ago when he wrote the white paper, and people like you have been misunderstanding him ever since.

    1. Did you really unironically just say Dr. Craig S. Wright? LOL

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