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Bitcoin Falls as Trump Stands Back From the Brink


Bitcoin turned slightly downwards following an address to the nation and the world by President Donald Trump who said “the United States is ready to embrace peace with all who seek it.”

Bitcoin slightly falls as Trump opts for diplomatic route, Jan 2020
Bitcoin slightly falls as Trump opts for diplomatic route, Jan 2020

Trump said America is oil independent and there were no casualties in last night’s strike of US bases in Iraq from Iran.

There was very small damage, he said, but emphasized Iran will never have a nuke on his watch.

The president said Europe, Russia and China must now recognize the nuclear deal is dead and must negotiate a new deal that ensures Iran does not progress towards gaining a nuke and that ensures Iran stops supporting terrorism.

Trump emphasized $2.5 trillion had been invested in the US army and that hypersonic missiles were in development.

Punishing economic sanctions will immediately be imposed on Iran, he said, adding “we must all work together towards a deal with Iran that makes the world safer and a more peaceful place.”

“We must also make a deal that allows Iran to thrive and prosper and take advantage of its enormous untapped potential,” he said.

“Peace and stability can not prevail in the Middle East as long as Iran continues to ferment violence, unrest, hatred, and war,” Trump said.

These comments come after Iran’s foreign minister said last nights action were the full extent of Iran’s retaliation and after experts suggested Iran had been careful to avoid casualties in their attack.

Meaning Trump and the US administration more widely has seemingly calculated that Iran has gotten the message, with Trump stating nations have previously tolerated Iran’s behavior. “Those days are over,” he said, after adding “Iran appears to be standing down.”

What happens now remains to be seen, with the ball back on Iran’s court and their proxies on whether there is to be peace for our time, or a continuation of endless wars.


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