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Bitcoin Turns Upwards as Speculation Swirls on the Iran Plane Crash


Bitcoin has retaken the $8,000 price line and is seemingly continuing to rise at the time of writing.

That’s after it briefly dipped to $7,700, with the currency now appearing to recover.

That’s while Israel reportedly undertook a strike on an Iranian-backed militia in Syria near the Iraqi border on Thursday night, killing eight with none of them apparently being Syrian.

In addition speculation is swirling on what happened in Tehran on the night of the missile attack when shortly after a plane crashed.

Interestingly Iran is “confident from our side that there has been no missile launched in that area at that time.” So said Hamid Baeidinejad, Iran’s ambassador to UK.

“An American official told The New York Times that the United States had a high level of confidence that a Russian-made Iranian air defense system had fired two surface-to-air missiles at the plane.”

They’re claiming these two missiles were fired “by Iranian military forces” and they’re saying it was “most likely by accident.”

The plane crashed within minutes of taking off while Iran and US were on the brink of war following a ratcheting up of tit for tats and escalations.

The situation immediately de-escalated after the plane crashed, killing all on board. Children, students, professors. Most were Canadian citizens or residents, but also the Ukrainian crew, three Brits, three Germans, ten Swedes and four Afghanis.

Trump was to hold a conference on Tuesday night, but that was called off following the plane crash, with the president tweeting “all is well,” followed by an offer for peace in a morning conference the following day. While Iran said the symbolic strike on US bases in Iraq was all of their retaliation.

“An Iranian official told the BBC on Friday that there was documentation to prove that the plane had a mechanical issue before take-off. It was not signed off for flying, but Ukrainian airline officials had overruled these objections, the official said, without giving further details.”

As retaliation was expected, western airlines were ordered to not fly in the area, with other airlines following that advice.

There are suggestions however there were quite a few civilian planes that took off from Iran, with the plane in question apparently delayed for an hour.

Why they had not closed the airspace is not clear. Nor is it clear why a Ukranian pilot in a plane full of Canadians would disobey orders as suggested by this unnamed Iranian official.

It’s worth bearing in mind however there’s a propaganda war going on probably on both sides, so unnamed officials should be considered more as hearsay.

Otherwise “documentation to prove that the plane had a mechanical issue” raises considerable questions.

Ukraine’s president is being open minded, stating “our goal is to ascertain the undeniable truth.”

Ukraine and Canada obviously had nothing to do with this US-Iran stand-off, so both want to genuinely know what actually happened.

Yet the situation is very peculiar especially as Iran is denying any missile took off at all, but within – some say minutes – they determined it was some engine failure.

So giving credence to the claim of this unnamed official who might be expressing Iran’s position they have “documentation” this plane was faulty before it took off.

Iran gunned down 1,500 protestors just a few weeks ago. That number is according to US, “neutral” reports say 300, but no one disputes they shot at their own people.

As a far weaker military their strategy is asymmetric warfare. That makes getting to the “the undeniable truth” extremely important for the entire international community with an investigation to take one or two months, while a full investigation may take years.

While as it stands Iran has called on US to share the evidence that led to their conclusion with the international community. If there is “documentation” that this engine was faulty then presumably everyone will want to see that too.

There are neutral parties here so it shouldn’t be too hard to get to the “undeniable truth,” but there are also two very different claims of what happened so it might not be too easy either.


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