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Bitcoin Goes Premier League


Bitcoin Premier League ad, Jan 2020

Bitcoin ads were shown during a Premier League match between Tottenham and Liverpool last night in a first of its kind.

The ads were seemingly taken out by the trading platform eToro which last year signed a deal with Brighton & Hove Albion, Cardiff City, Crystal Palace, Leicester City, Newcastle United, and Southampton.

All these clubs were paid in bitcoin for advertising opportunities, with eToro now seemingly straight advertising during prominent matches.

Liverpool won by one goal as the European champions faced off, making this the 20th win from 21 matches for the top club.

The Premier League is one of the most watched sport season and claims they’re watched by about 70% of the UK population in total.

They say millions watch it in America and across the world, including as far away as South Korea.

Like the internet began to be advertised by companies that provided services through it, so too the decentralized cryptocurrency is now being advertised by platforms that utilize it.

This process has been gradual, beginning with somewhat amateurish ads back in late 2017 that reminded you of those first internet ads.

Since then, bitcoin ads have become a bit more professional and are now gradually moving towards being more ubiquitous, but they’re still a novelty, especially in the wild.

Making this bitcoin ad pictured above a marking milestone of sorts as the biggest cryptocurrency continues to progress in what can be called the process of normalization.

It used to be awkward for example to bring up bitcoin in a conversation. Now you might mention it without breaking the flow of a topic, but you still sometime get the ‘what is bitcoin’ question.

Likewise companies have began the process of advertising bitcoin as they depend on it or it offers them some competitive advantage, but it’s still very early days.

Eventually as the new generation grows up, bitcoin becomes just something alongside many other things that just performs some function. Nothing new to them or special, eventually.

Although that said, we’re still figuring out just what effect the internet is having and how it is rapidly changing the world, with bitcoin of course being one such change that has come from its invention.


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  1. I think i go it

  2. Crypto ads have been in the Premier League for a while. Newcastle United have Storm Gain on their shirts and have done all season.

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