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Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Awaits The Final Version Release


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The ethereum 2.0 multi-client testnet is just one version release away from launching according to Danny Ryan, the ETH 2.0 coordinator.

In a public statement he said they are waiting for a number of audits which are expected “to roll in throughout February.”

Those results will lead to some changes, Ryan said, with it naturally unclear at this stage just how much work those changes might need.

Those changes are to be encapsulated in “a post-audit v0.11.0 release” which Ryan says “will drop near the start of March.”

In the meantime single client testnets might start interloping with each other and the full on genesis block might even launch, but the key milestone at this point is probably this version 0.11.

Once that goes out hopefully in March you might expect three months of full on testnet running of the Proof of Stake network in a realistic emulation of the live version.

At some point then the green-light will be given for the main-net launch by the release of v1.0.

“In the plan outlined a v1.0 would just be nominal to signal a production release,” Ryan says.

The target date for the main-net launch has been set as 30th of July 2020. This is not binding and is not quite a deadline, with whether the network can launch by then depending on numerous factors, including the audit results.

Yet it appears to be a fairly realistic time-table at this point with Ryan further mentioning a new phase 1.5 to the Serenity roadmap.

As you know the above genesis block launch by hopefully 30th of July gets out what can be called a very dumb Proof of Stake blockchain which does little but validate the block headers of the current Proof of Work (PoW) chain, making phase 0 the skeleton.

Phase 1 adds storage sharding, so you can get more data on-chain capabilities. Phase 1.5 is now the transportation of the current PoW network into the PoS network with the PoW chain then discarded as a fairly useless duplicate.

This phase 1.5 is sharding 0, with other shards then to be added when phase 2 launches in a completion of the current plan which then will be followed by other improvements upon sharding.

So practically this is back to the original roadmap of getting Proof of Stake out first, then sharding, with the PoS launch dropping inflation to 0.22% maybe sometime next year optimistically speaking.

Meaning much is still in flux, but phase 0 has been ironed out and its launch turns a top coin into a dividend bearing asset for the first time since bitcoin’s invention.


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