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Painting Gives Free Bitcoin, 100 DAI Hidden


Bitcoin wallets painting, Jan 2020

The painting pictured above is stacked with 44 bitcoin wallets that you can just scan and get some bitcoin for free.

This hiding in plain sight comes from a painting over of a fancy and cheap Tangem Card that contains just a chip which has the private key.

A mere scan of this chip with a specific app gives you complete control over the assets within it, making this a paper wallet, but nicer.

Meaning if someone has possession of the card, even scanning possession, they have possession of your bitcoin.

So it isn’t something you want to walk around with presuming others even have a clue what this thing is, but it might be something that could act as an offline wallet.

Tangem bitcoin card wallet, Jan 2020
Tangem bitcoin card wallet, Jan 2020

Cool right? Imagine scanning around with the Doctor Who stick phone to see what painting might have some hidden treasure.

Well, for small amounts that would probably be fine but big boys might want these birds instead:

100 DAI hidden in painting, Jan 2020
100 DAI hidden in painting, Jan 2020

There’s 100 DAI hidden in this painting somewhere, somehow. We know so because they said, but if they had not, we’d probably dismiss it as a rubbish parrots nonsense to be honest, soreeeh.

Well, ok, it’s not too bad but point is we’d have no clue this has 100 dollars in it. So, it could potentially be very safe to have a painting like this one even on google cloud or on an open website like imgur as long as you don’t let people know it is crypto-special.

The problem then would be not how to hide or transport the private key, but how to remember where the painting is, something which should be a lot easier.

Painting Key?

It is actually quite astonishing that this painting has a private key now thinking about it. The only clue here is 13. Chops of the key? Five birds, circa 13 branches, the tree itself looks a bit… hmm.

Well, there’s no chance we’ll solve this, unless they’ve “cheated” with OpenSago which we can’t be bothered to check.

Assuming not, it needs some expert to crack it. So increasing the barriers considerably because while some idiot can potentially break into your house, whoever can solve the puzzle above is probably way too busy with far too many things to bother with your silly bitcorns which no one would even know are in a painting like this unless you tell them.

And this is actually extremely unique if not perhaps the first time in history that you can just paint money, giving art quite a different meaning.

You obviously can’t do this with dollars because putting some bank account numbers there won’t give you access to anything, and if you’re putting cash then you would have painted it a bit too much or you’d be limited to small amounts. If gold, then probably fairly easily visible. So limiting the painting to only potentially hiding a hole in the wall.

Meaning limiting it to physical because you can’t take that hole with you on the plane to Kilimanjaro. While we’ve just taken this painting pretty much to the entire globe and maybe even to Mars once an internet connection is established in decades to come.

So they didn’t lie about that store of value thing huh. Seize these birds Gestapo.


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  1. This is actually part of a series of puzzles to be found at So far there’s been 9 puzzles, 5 of which have been solved! This is also a pretty cool image puzzle with a different format:

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