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Parity Gives a Three Months Notice For a Six Months Transition


Jutta Steiner of Parity and Polkadot

Parity Tech, the startup behind what once was one of ethereum’s main client, has organized a workshop for “knowledge transition to other teams.”

The problem is this workshop comes three months too late because the “Parity team expects to stop entirely doing any work on Parity Ethereum around Q2 and will not be involved in implementing Berlin changes.”

Yet Nethermind, a potentially up and coming ethereum client for the current Proof of Work network, says after attending the workshop:

“According to senior figures at Parity Ethereum onboarding time for new devs in Parity code is around 6 months (due to code complexity).”

So they’re basically giving a three months notice while knowing any transition would take six months.

“Many people raised concerns that Parity does not want to release the Parity client under open license and just setup a DAO while holding Intellectual Property (IP) rights,” Nethermind said.

The IP rights claim is potentially a complex legal matter because Parity was pretty much wholly funded by the Ethereum Foundation (EF) as far as we are aware through a $5 million – presumably no IP strings attached – grant with seemingly just circa $3 million paid out, much of it for past work.

This EF grant was announced after the Parity related Polkadot began some marketing initiatives for their new under development ethereum like blockchain.

That gave rise to nervousness around internal competition with Afri Schoedon, the then Parity maintainer, setting off a backlash last year after stating Polkadot was basically better than ethereum.

To contain the backlash it appears Jutta Steiner (pictured above), the CEO and Founder of Parity Technologies, cut off Afri Schoedon for seemingly having the temerity of asking to spin off Parity Tech to avoid at least the appearance of being under Polkadot orders.

Unsurprisingly she seemingly refused the spinning off offer presumably under orders by Gavin Wood, probably the chief officer of all this, who was kind enough to prove all critics right by stating “ruthless realpolitik rules.”

The realpolitik here presumably being the causing of as much damage to ethereum as possible instead of shifting to an amicable approach to go some way towards forgetting Wood called ethereum’s biggest holder the “Darth Vader.”

Schoedon got to get the heat because he was back then the most public figure within ethereum from the “realpolitik” clan, but now that they won’t release the IPs and now that it’s revealed he was fired pretty much on the spot, it clearly appears he was more a “following orders” subordinate of this project.


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