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Ethereum 2.0 Tested With 100,000 Stakers


Lighthouse, ethereum 2.0

One of the most advanced ethereum 2.0 client, Lighthouse, has successfully tested running the network with 100,000 validators according to Danny Ryan, the ethereum 2.0 coordinator.

“Lighthouse runs 100k validators like a breeze,” Ryan said in a recent update on ethereum 2.0 developments, further adding:

“Initial tests with 100k validators saw clients use a consistent 8GB of RAM, but after a few days of optimizations Paul was able to reduce this to a steady 2.5GB with some ideas to get it even lower soon.

Lighthouse also made 70% gains in the hashing of state which along with BLS signature verification is proving to be the main computational bottleneck in eth2 clients.”

Lighthouse initially had a testnet with 16,000 validators. Prysm launched one that has gone up to 30,000. Now Lighthouse’s testnet plans to handle 100,000 validators.

“The 100k testnet is not public yet, will announce when it’s ready,” said Lighthouse dev Paul Hauner (pictured writing on the board).

Age Manning, who too works for Lighthouse, said on Friday they are “working through some scaling issues.”

The team has addressed a number of bugs, but it seems like this is all coming together with Ryan stating “the past month has been all about optimizations.”

Meaning this is at final stages with “10x optimization here and a 100x optimization there,” which might not be noticeable to the public but “this phase of development is just as important as any other in getting us to the finish line,” says Ryan.

Interestingly in their update Lighthouse mentions sharding, which is more the second or third stage of ethereum 2.0, but the skeleton is there. Manning says:

“We are completing an extensive update to our networking infrastructure, which will bring us largely up to the v0.10 specification for mainnet (from a networking perspective) and will introduce shard subnets.

This will be introduced in a subsequent testnet, as it should alleviate some network stress (which we want in our large-scale stress-testnet) as well as introduce breaking changes.”

We asked them about this shard subnet but did not receive a response in time for publishing. They’re based in Australia so considerable time difference, but a shard subnet can only mean one thing presumably.

Meaning this is now moving with ethereum 2.0 starting to become a bit more real. In addition Ryan classified high validator participation as around ~300k+ validators.

That suggests they’re targeting about 10 million eth being staked, or about 10% of the total supply, which might be locked out starting perhaps in June.


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