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News of News For Bears and Bulls


Bitcoin at almost $10,000, ethereum at almost ₿0.023, defi at almost one billion (and now too often mentioned to capitalize), is quite an opening to 2020.

Welcome to news of news where we clear our desk off the many tabs we have here starting with the hippies.

Yes the violent revolutionaries that danced too much and had far too many babies, and in the process ushered in the civil rights movement, sexual liberation, gender equality, and the “war” on drugs.

They say the “war” on drugs was a secret government plan to crush the hippies movement. A claim given considerable credence by the news a young man of 32 has been jailed for eight years for selling what seems to be around $300,000 worth of drugs.

That sum comes from his bitcoin holdings as he apparently did this through the internet with Paul Johnson pleading guilty.

What strikes is the length of the sentence especially considering the overcrowded prisons. So overcrowded in fact they let convicted terrorists out way before eight years, but that of course serves other government ends: justifying war or oppression.

They say the young of hope will grow hopelessly old. Partly perhaps due to an enforced system of control where “decentralized” Lightning gets $10 million from the rich and even from bankers.

“Craft Ventures led the round, with a who’s who of traditional investors participating, including Howard Morgan, former global co-head of securities at Goldman Sachs, John Pfeffer, formally of KKR, and Forbes 30 Under 30 alum Jill Carlson of Slow Ventures, and formerly a trader at Goldman Sachs.”

So Goldman Sachs is “investing” in the leading Lightning Network dev team in a private manner which means the public is disclosed no details. Something non bankers or those not rich can not quite do because of the Securities Act 1933 written by the then ruling rich.

On that point SEC commissioner Hester Peirce is apparently proposing some sort of compromise where this ‘for the rich only’ system remains intact and is even further expanded to get rid of secondary selling restrictions for a three years period during which the “decentralized” platform is to be built.

Decentralized, with the holdings of course and thus the control on the hands of few rich VCs who only dream of centralized monopolies and not decentralization.

Yet changing any of this appears to be impossible especially as for the next four years America will have the choice of electing billionaire Trump or billionaire Bloomberg.

The surprising entrance of the latter is a crowning act in a diminishing trust in the electoral system, especially after the clown show in Iowa where the “Pete what???” came first.

Pete Buttigieg may be many things, but a realistic contender to beat Trump he certainly is not. Not in an era when politics is more a celebrity show.

Yet politics matters, life and death matters, war and peace matters, prosperity or poverty matters. It matters so much in fact the people have almost no say in any of it whatever. The same emperors are just telling us they wearing different “people’s” clothes, when of course they wear none.

And so then to Citi and Goldman Sachs, which have performed what sounds like a gesture transaction on some Axoni blockchain that they want everyone to think is ethereum-like.

They’re probably trying to show they keeping up with tech and so you younglings should go work for them instead of on open source Solidity, just like they sing to climate change or whatever else while probably not caring one bit.

And why should they, except for to keep up appearance. They can raise any peasant to god through “loans.” Just look at that ear hurting South Korean band that is thrusted in our face on “social” media which has become more a bland mind control space.

Where did it all go wrong is no longer the question. The question is how it can go right. The answer hopefully the years and decades to come will provide.


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