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Press Release: PrimeBit Announces 200x Leverage


The mother of cryptocurrencies is on the rise again! BTCUSD broke the $9k level with a splash. This is just the start of what might be a cryptocurrency frenzy before the upcoming Bitcoin halving in May. Every altcoin can break out in the upcoming months. You should also expect ups and downs as new opportunities open for both big players and individual traders.

Whenever you hold cryptocurrencies or missed out on the opportunity to buy low, you might want to start trading cryptocurrency contracts. With PrimeBit perpetual P2P contracts you can hedge your long positions and make money if the price goes up. You can use multiple accounts with different leverage from 1x to 200x, which is the highest on the market.

Adjust the margin to the goals

Experienced traders use leverage wisely. First of all, let’s explain what you need it for. The leverage is there to allow people with less capital to take larger positions. If you set your PrimeBit account leverage to 5x you can roughly buy $500 worth Bitcoins with just $100 deposit. Your profit will be five times higher if you are on the right side of the market. However, if you are wrong, you will be quickly bumped out of your position – so there’s much less room for error.  

The best strategy is to trade with lower leverages on the accounts with larger deposits. You take less risk with more money. At the same time, you can open bolder orders with high leverage. The great thing about PrimeBit is that it offers the highest optional leverage on the market. Nowhere else will you get a maximum leverage of 200x on every cryptocurrency!

Only on PrimeBit, you can buy derivatives for Bitcoins, Ethereum, or Litecoins worth $20,000 with a deposit of $100.

No insurance fund

Some P2P crypto futures platforms use a controversial Insurance Fund. During the automatic deleveraging process they take the difference between the Liquidation and Bankruptcy Prices (called Maintenance Margin Requirement) and keep it. The money is supposed to be there to protect the interests of traders. If the effective liquidation price is lower than the bankruptcy price (in case of long positions), the gap is covered by the Insurance Fund.

PrimeBit does not need to use any form of Insurance Fund. At PrimeBit, the contracts are always closed at the best price for the user. If there’s a negative balance risk, the position is closed at the Bankruptcy Price.

Profit from the rising Bitcoin without trading

Now the best part. You don’t have to trade any cryptocurrencies to benefit from the trend. Hop on the bandwagon and promote crypto-related products. PrimeBit affiliate program offers you up to  20% lifetime revenue share for every transaction that is ever made from an account created after clicking your link.

Recently PrimeBit attracted 4,000 active traders in just two months without big marketing spendings. Traders are recommending the product to each other as they want more liquidity. 

Go to PrimeBit now, register a free account with an e-mail (no deposit needed), grab your referral link, and hop on the bandwagon.

This is a press release. Trustnodes has not undertaken any verification of any of the above statements and any statement or project contained therein is not necessarily endorsed by Trustnodes. Readers are strongly urged to do your own research.

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