Coronavirus Whistleblower Immortalized on Ethereum Amid Calls For Free Speech in China


Coronavirus whistleblower doctor immortalized on ethereum, Feb 2020

Dr. Li Wenliang, one of the first to blow the whistle on the virus outbreak in China has died today, February 7th, at the very young age of 34.

Wenliang blew the whistle on the 30th of December by sending a message to his medical-school alumni in a WeChat group, warning that seven patients had been quarantined at Wuhan Central Hospital with an illness that seemed like the SARS coronavirus.

Police reprimanded him and forced the doctor to sign a letter “admitting” he was making “false speech.”

The Supreme Court of China said: “It might have been a fortunate thing if the public had believed the ‘rumors’ then and started to wear masks and carry out sanitization measures, and avoid the wild animal market.”

Some 17 million people watched a livestream of his status updates after contradictory reports were made regarding his death with the hospital confirming he departed today.

“We want freedom of speech” trended on Chinese social media according to the BBC, but was quickly censored.

As an immutable decentralized global blockchain, the ethereum network can not be censored, hence the decision to give the doctor a very modern tribute.



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