Thousands Sent to Ethereum and Bitcoin Youtube Scams of Fake Livestreams with Elon Musk, Vitalik Buterin, Brian Armstrong, Roger Ver and the XRP Guy – Trustnodes

Thousands Sent to Ethereum and Bitcoin Youtube Scams of Fake Livestreams with Elon Musk, Vitalik Buterin, Brian Armstrong, Roger Ver and the XRP Guy


Vitalik Buterin impersonated by livestream scammers, Feb 2020

Youtube has become infested with ethereum, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and xrp scams whereby endless fake livestreams of notable individuals pretend they are giving away eth, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, or even xrp.

Elon Musk is apparently giving away “a customized Tesla 3 model, delivery included.” To claim it you have to DM on Twitter the scammer if you send them 5 bitcoin or 100 eth.

Musky spoofed to livestream crypto scam on Youtube, Feb 2020
Musky spoofed to livestream crypto scam on Youtube, Feb 2020

Elon Musk is being watched by close to 20,000 people in this fake livestream where the video itself is real, but an old interview and not a livestream.

As on Twitter scams, here too they pretend to be Elon Musk himself which you wouldn’t be able to tell is fake except for all those hashtags.

The site sends you to what looks like a medium post, but is actually a site (no link cus no google juice for you), and then off to a fairly cool page where they reveal the address.

Musky art by crypto scammers on Youtube.
Musky art by crypto scammers on Youtube.

The address in this case does not show many deposits, about $500 worth of eth, but there is one for Vitalik Buterin, the ethereum co-founder, and that has close to $17,000 eth.

For Buterin they use the Ethereum Foundation and their version of the eth logo, making it all seem official and legitimate.

There are countless of such giveaway scams, with some of our scrolling not stopping until we gave up so there must be hundreds if not maybe even thousands.

Crypto scams on Youtube "livestreams," Feb 2020
Crypto scams on Youtube “livestreams,” Feb 2020

Buterin is clearly the favorite presumably because he is ethereum’s co-funder and thus might appear as more credible in giving away eth, but you can see Roger Ver there and scrolling down shows Brian Armstrong under the Coinbase handle as well as Brad Garlinghouse of XRP and Changpeng Zhao of Binance.

It isn’t clear how much has been lost in total to these scams with the scammers seemingly changing their address probably per livestream.

Nor is it clear whether any law enforcement is keeping an eye on all this, but you’d think Youtube would easily be able to remove these scam livestreams.

Yet this is a fairly new phenomena so it may take quite a bit of time for them to do anything.

About six months maybe as that’s how long it took Twitter to take action after impersonating scamming tweets first appeared in 2018. So suggesting these tech giants have become a bit too big and far too bureaucratic.

Thing is these scammers appear to be fairly smart and fairly sophisticated. Shame they’re using their skills to just steal, instead of earning a good keep, but they have kept evolving on Twitter and presumably they’ll keep evolving on Youtube too.

So the best way to tackle this, besides law enforcement hopefully finding them and locking them up in addition to Youtube flashing some red warning or preferably removing them, is to increase the level of awareness and education.

In short, no real giveaway demands that you send them eth first or any crypto. If it says send x and they’ll send x back, it’s a scam, for certain. You won’t get anything back.

Yet people keep sending them money. Now we don’t know if these are real transactions or the scammers maybe pretending people are sending money, but 50 eth was sent from an address holding $10 million eth. So proving rich and smart don’t necessarily go together, although he or she might have been tricked somehow or might have been drunk or maybe even appreciated the livestream.

They are real old videos, so most people are probably just be watching the video knowing it is a scam, but it might also be bots with the number of viewers obviously having an effect on ranking.

If it is bots then Youtube is doing a very lousy job, but it could also be infected computers that are somehow made to go to the site.

Yet if the views are orchestrated you’d expect some slip somewhere to betray their artificiality. While here it looks a bit organic with Musk having a bigger audience at 20,000, Buterin at 4,000 to 6,000, while Ver is at just 1,000.

So the scammers are probably tricking the livestream ranking somehow, perhaps because Youtube prioritizes livestreams with a reinforcing cycle then taking hold whereby people wonder why are all these people watching this livestream.

While plenty wonder why on earth does Google own Youtube when they can’t even run search properly with their mashing up of keywords from unrelated articles.

In addition Congress is asleep of course. They’re busy pantomiming platitudes instead of doing their job to break up these monopolies that can’t react to anything anymore due to their bloated bureaucracy and frankly lack of any care since there is no competition so, we’re all just barking dogs that don’t bite as far as they’re concerned.

Yet it seems some poor guy or girl sent all his eth (◊3) with the seemingly new address now having none left. Another one sent 6 eth, leaving him or her with just $15.

It could even be they perhaps went out and bought this eth to end up feeding the thieves, but hopefully someone is running a stealth bot to keep track of all these addresses as necessarily sooner or later criminals get cocky and complacent and slip up due to getting too fat from all this stolen money.


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  1. I lost 0.2 BTC from this Fake Elon Musk YouTube live stream BTC giveaway. Where can I get help to get that back?

    1. Santa Claus is able to help then don’t wait more, write a letter with your details

  2. @Scam69Alert on twitter is helping taking down these scams every day
    Over 400 in the past few weeks
    You tube needs to do alot more

  3. Will there ever be a class action suit against youtube?

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