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Edcon Cancelled



One of the most anticipated conference of the year focusing on the ethereum and blockchain ecosystem has suddenly been cancelled.

Edcon was to take place in April in Vienna, Austria, where there are no reported cases of COVID-19. Yet the organizers say:

“As we are all well aware of the COVID-19 epidemic, we made the hard decision today to cancel EDCON 2020.

The decision was difficult but necessary considering the safety and health for the host city Vienna, the venue provider WU University, as well as all the speakers and attendees.”

This decision comes amid a sudden mini-outbreak in northern Italy near Milan where 50 cases have been reported.

Yet Austria is not affected, making this appear a bit of an over-reaction, not least because this seems to be like just a seasonal flue, albeit maybe a bit stronger, with reported fatalities being very low by age group:

10-39: 0.2%

40-49: 0.4%

50-59: 1.3%

60-69: 3.6%

70-79: 8.0%

80+: 14.8%

There’s speculation this should die down with spring’s arrival next month, with new cases in China already beginning to fall.

There’s also speculation much might be political, with the biohacking movement now perhaps rising in prominence.

It’s not clear whether the Edcon organizers have made a final decision or whether they are to keep an eye on developments and revisit, but flue and winter go together so this announcement was unexpected.

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  1. This didn’t age well.

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