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Coinbase Temporarily Disables EOS


“The EOS network is currently experiencing degraded performance levels. EOS sends have been temporarily disabled and receives may be delayed.

Buys and sells of EOS within Coinbase are functioning normally. We’ll keep you posted as service returns to normal.”

So says Coinbase, the biggest crypto broker and exchange, with their status showing they disabled EOS three days ago.

This being the second time they do so as a few months ago Coinbase stated EOS was congested due to some airdrop taking all the CPU and RAM, those being EOS’ version of block size or gas limit, the measurers of capacity.

This trillions transactions a second claimed highly scalable network is seemingly facing the same congestion problem again.

That’s despite it being run by a cartel that has control over just 21 decision making nodes which was the proposed tradeoff by this project between scalability and decentralization.

In the end it seems they ended up with neither, but the devs purportedly raised some $4 billion worth of eth for a network that Coinbase keeps pausing.

What they did with these billions is not too clear, but $24 million of it was taken by SEC as a bribe fine for breaching the securities laws which EOS now doesn’t have to abide by perhaps because that $24 million is more than 10% of SEC’s entire yearly budget.


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