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Six Supreme Court Judges Infected with H1N1 Just Before Bitcoin Case


Astonishing reports are coming out of India’s mainstream media that say six Supreme Court judges are suspected to have the influenza virus H1N1, better known as swine flu or the Spanish flu.

“Six judges are down with H1N1 virus,” Justice DY Chandrachud announced in court, adding that all judges had a meeting with Chief Justice SA Bobde to discuss the situation. One judge, Sanjiv Khanna, came to the court wearing a mask, reported news agency IANS, says India’s broadcaster NDTV.

The above was reported by other Indian media, including the Times of India that said “Six judges of the Supreme Court are suffering from swine flu, following which they did not attend court, an apex court judge said on Tuesday.”

A hearing on the long running crypto case was to be heard, but the situation in India seems to have become explosive with Delhi effectively burning.

“A mosque has been set on fire in the Indian capital New Delhi as violent protests continue across the city with the death toll rising to 13,” says Al Jazeera.

Flu Politics

These astonishing reports that the very elite judges of India have somehow caught this influenza at a time when protests rage in India due to a citizenship law raise the question of how much of this is about public health and just how much of it is pure politics.

Suspicion was already rising that the much emphasized coronavirus had more a political agenda than a medical one, with Iran experiencing significant protests before a sudden outbreak, Italy being in the midst of a political crisis before an outbreak there too, and of course China facing the Hong Kong protests before the extreme measures taken in Wuhan.

Now that suddenly there’s some other virus in India which so happens to have infected not ordinary Indians but the very elite of jurisprudence, while ordinary Indians ferociously protest, suggests the political angle is clearly unavoidable.


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