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Europe Challenged, New Rome The Answer?


A wave of European patriotism is sweeping the continent as they finally unite in outrage at a video showing a Turkish armored vehicle attempting to bring down the border fence in Greece at the European border.

Turkey’s answer to the bombing of Idlib by Russia and Assad has been to caravan thousands of young men, as well as some women and children, to Europe.

Most are from Syria, but there are also some from Afghanistan and Pakistan, pitting natural empathy against the politics at play.

The refugees are caught in the middle of all this, and what that middle is may well determine what Europe is as geopolitics now knocks on its door.

Europe, What Europe?

Under the Convention for Human Rights, the first safe place where refugees land has a duty to give them protection.

That’s Turkey in this case, which is apparently harboring some 4.5 million refugees from the tragic and the atrociously handled Syrian war.

These are largely ordinary and innocent Syrian people who America arguably has a duty to assist because they created this whole thing beginning with the war of choice in Iraq.

Yet it isn’t to America that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is going to ask for help. They’re demanding instead Europe pays up.

To many non westerners Europe and America are one and the same, but Americans insulted France by calling them surrender monkeys for not going into Iraq with USA.

Yet it was France that had its public squares gunned by so called terrists – a tactic and not an ideology, the ideology presumably being Arab nationalists.

Why France, and more importantly why should Europe pay for any of this? For not playing the devil’s game of geopolitics? For appearing to be weak just because it knows what being strong means?

Yes, arguably. Who in Europe gave Trump a retort when he threatened to send terrists to its shores? And where is this Europe anyway? It is French ships going to the aid of Greeks, not the European army protecting the European border.

Turko Greeky Ficky Ficky

This attempt to breach the borders of Europe by a foreign military under the guise of refugees is the latest episode of significant tensions at the European border in Greece.

Turkish military jets have repeatedly breached the European border recently amid considerable tensions regarding Turkish oil exploration excavations within Europe’s border in Greek islands.

The uncontrolled flooding of Europe with refugees by Turkey in 2015 has developed to now France and Italy pretty much directly fighting Turkey in Libya with Turkey being on the side of islamists.

The men of Turkey have changed for they are now mostly bearded. Not all, and their beards are nice and combed rather than scruffy, but it is as if almost overnight a few months ago the air sort of became different.

A few months ago of course Trump gave Turkey the greenlight to enter Syria and take over the camps that were run by America while USA left in the cold the Kurds who probably implicitly assumed their reward would be sovereignty.

And so this isn’t a refugee crisis. This is more a clash at the borders of Europe between… Turkey ostensibly but it isn’t clear whether they are more a proxy of the United States.

The Parable

Talented men, and some women, generally shun politics for they consider it a theatre pantomime of donkey celebs ordered by businessmen, and thus of course it makes more sense to go to the business world and be the one that gives the orders.

That’s when politics generally doesn’t matter, but there are times when politics does matter, and when politics orders the businessmen rather than the other way around.

For Europe, this might be one of those times. Both Russia and America consider this land where modern civilization was born and thrives as a playground for their empire aims.

Something that afforded Europe the luxury of not playing, but let us make this imaginary analysis that of course has no relation whatever to current events and if it appears so it is completely coincidental.

Let us suppose Big A thinks Little C is growing too fast and wants to be big and strong like A.

Let us thus suppose A wants C to know he is big and not C, and does so through megaphone ‘diplomacy’ that is not diplomatic at all and what’s more, goes on bragging about C’s economy crashing while A’s boomin.

Little C, to show it is not so little anymore, comes up with a crisp plan to illustrate just what A is playing with.

Let us suppose that in this laboratory of words we have just created, C does not want to risk A’s lions who enjoy roaming in nature more than roaming with skull worshipers.

So they create panic in the land of E, where they think there are no lions and of which they think A doesn’t care but his businessmen might care.

Brilliant, and if seen in word laboratories, who can really blame them more than A’s stupidity, an A that stands under the spell of Strauss, Schmitt’s children.

Yet in the land of Big E, they stand wondering why it is always they that get the brunt of these epic donkeys.


One should hope European patriots and the lions of Rome will rise to the challenge and rise to build the European civil service now that where any intellect is concerned there is clearly no rational debate on whether Europe should stand as one or or should instead enjoy enslavement in old borders that plenty foreign powers will want to make their new.

And thus perhaps it is time to say In or Out, for urgency requires those who wish to be in to unite and stand as one peoples and those who wish to hore to go and see the fates of hores.

As one peoples. As a European outbreak in Italy, not an Italian outbreak. As the European borders, not the Greek borders. As European ships not French or Italian or German aircraft carrier or jet or whatever it is.

As Europe, as Rome, one peoples, and one civilization, since time began in these shores.

That means a European perspective to the outbreak in Italy, not just an Italian one, and a European approach to Turks, not a Greek one, and a European approach to Libya too, not a Franko-Italiani.

North Africa, or West Atlantis as they used to call it, as well as the East Atlantis, can be jewels with proper administration.

Administration which lacks fully at the continental level. No continent wide medicine… even research. No continent wide economic analysis. No continental stock exchange. Continental money but without continental financial policy or even regulator.

This is not Europe. Europe is waiting to be built. By patriots hopefully, and European patriots, who can tell a snake from a cat, or butterfly, and who can leave culture to culture and administration to clear eyed planning.

Fine are many aspects of this European melting pot, but there should be levels, and null points should not be ignored even if they are in some european concert straussianly held in lands that are geographically non european.

Ursula von der Leyen was meant to get on with all this, but hopefully from her appointment we won’t learn why this civilization has held meritocracy pivotal above all other considerations – within reason of course.

Macaroni and his pasta bois, all fairly young, are doing a better job at creating a sense of European identity and European interests.

Merkele is more shush shush, but grandma needs to give way now perhaps to Norbert Roettgen, who looks the part and seems to have the right outlook, although who knows what the German people will decide.

Yet there are some things where it isn’t quite ‘the’ people who decide, orderly anyway, like the minute administrative matters of running a continent, something that is waiting for the lions to rise and stand to the challenge to build a new Jerusalem in our lands. A poem, our very own of course:

The wavy sea so meets the road,
the little island rocks to avoid.

Unknown thy lands, even my own,
the peasants there, long forgot.

The times that were, like flash so brought,
today it was, and yet so long,
this land of Rome.

Beat the drums, will no one,
gone the better lads and las,
those remaining, suspicious eyes,
here us, comes superiar.

To speak to sheeple, who does thus,
when thy purpose, when one mind.
To see thy doubt, who trembles high,
when thy aim, Jerusalem.

Fly you ship, upon water,
break the waves, the rocks that stand,
fly the banner, yellow one,
claim that Rome, is here once more.

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