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Eyebrows Raised as Turkey Reports No Corona Cases


Next to Iran, not far from Italy, and a tourist hotspot, yet the relatively large region of Turkey is insisting they have no cases at all. Zero.

“We can just say this: The virus has not been detected yet,” said Fahrettin Koca (pictured), Turkey’s health minister.

He blamed Italy and even Germany for not being proactive like Turkey, which claims it was somehow able to prevent corona’s entrance by taking presumably miraculous measures.

“Both were late to take measures. We see Italy facing a big problem but problems will be bigger for Germany and France in the coming days,” Koca said.

Turkey has been trying to sort out an end to the Syrian war while engaging in scuffles at the Greek border as it tries to forcefully push into Europe Syrian refugees.

They’re also backing Islamists in Libya in a continued somewhat low key civil war there, with this ostensible democracy censoring Wikipedia until recently.

“We closed our border with Iran early, shutting links, including land and air, on Feb. 23. We’ve got a very heavy traffic with Iran, so that decision was taken right on time,” he said. “It prevented 20,000 Iranians from entering Turkey.”

US says an American elderly woman with corona was in Turkey, but Turkish officials say she only passed through.

Understandably Turkey probably doesn’t want an impact on its tourism industry, but the report of no cases at all might lead most tourists to not know what precautions to take.

Where this space is concerned, it isn’t clear whether there are any bitcoin or eth devs in Turkey, with conferences being a significant part of this industry.

The weather is sort of warm there now so there might not be any internal spread, but it was pretty cold just a week or two ago, so you’d expect some cases and perhaps even many as the weather conditions were within the corona range, but they’re saying there are none.

Perhaps because they might be concerned of the effects it might have on the Turkish Lira, or maybe their Turkish manufactured test kits are not that accurate which could be a problem for China and Iran because they bought some 50,000 of them.

China is now going from peak corona last month to normality with new cases somewhat immediately plunging as perhaps the weather turns a bit warmer there.

In America, New York might be rising as a reason for concern due to a local outbreak, while more widely people are now trying to keep the spread at bay as beds can be aplenty but there are only so many nurses and doctors to care for an entire population with a cryptonian comparing corona to a DDoS attack for the health service.

Meaning it would be far more useful for officials and the media to also state how many have been hospitalized, in addition to infected and other stats, as that would provide far more clarity and it would be a fairly good way of ending the ‘just a flu’ vs ‘far more serious’ debate.

Where bitcoin and cryptos are concerned it has been affected like other industries by the cancellation of some conferences or lack of attendance, so hampering somewhat the flow of information.

Price-wise due to its global nature the price of bitcoin has been trying to balance the improving situation in China, where it is perhaps more used for actual trade, with the worsening situation in the west where it may be more of a speculative investment asset.

So leading to the ‘safe haven asset or not’ debate which is too simplistic because it partially is a safe haven asset, but also a speculative investment, and also an actual means of exchange currency used in trade.

In addition as this Turkish case might show it is also a method to not need to trust an intermediary who of course can lie without you having much of a way to know whether they are actually lying or perhaps they are the only ones telling the truth.

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