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Trump Meets Bankers


Trump meets bankers, March 2020

Donald John Trump, the President of the United States, has met the leaders of prominent American banks hours after the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic.

This is not a financial crisis, one banker said. We are here to help, said another. We are being proactive, said a third, waving fees and the like.

The west is now in emergency mode amid an unprecedented crisis in living memory that sees Milan and all of beautiful Italy in lockdown.

Trump corona bankers meeting, March 2020
Trump corona bankers meeting, March 2020

The message was simple. The American financial system is strong, the American economy is strong, bankers understand this is an external and hopefully a temporary event, thus they are willing to help to cushion the impact of the Chinese virus.

This is a great opportunity to re-finance as interest rates have gone down significantly, one banker said.

The president stated measures related to the healthcare system and the economy are to be announced today at 8PM Washington time.

In Britain a long awaited budget has been overshadowed fully by the sudden crisis that has seen a British MP announce they and a member of their staff was infected.

Rishi Sunak, the new chancellor, announced countless of measures including a $600 billion investment in housing and infrastructure for the next five years, amounting to 25% of the British GDP.

Britain is facing what is usually one of the coldest month, with 500 cases already in the country in what is expected to increase significantly.

The peak won’t be in two weeks, the British health secretary said, but in two months for the United Kingdom.

Thats while a national security advisor to the Whitehouse blamed China of a coverup. A coverup that cost the west two months he said.

Dow has plunged another 6% today amid mass cancellation of events while Europe braces for a worsening of the situation as it comes out of peak winter.

An Asian cryptonian has further revealed he infected conference after conference, from ETHDenver to ETHLondon, with China in particular taking no care whatever to stop the global spread of this Wuhan virus.

Crashing our markets and our health service while they send to ‘quarantine’ the doctors that blew the whistle even under the reprimand of this authoritarian regime which we asked the world to boycott all the way back in 2017.

A world that now braces itself for a spiral in infections and a suspension of normal life as authoritarian China once more infects the world.


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