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Expect Months of This Says Boris


“We’re at the beginning of this,” Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said in the latest address to the nation after Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, reiterated “nothing is ruled out.”

That was in regards to the government potentially ordering pubs and the like to close, but he said it might not be necessary if people follow the advice.

And according to Johnson there are encouraging signs that people are indeed staying at home with metro Tube travel down 80% in inner London and down 60% for outer London.

There are pockets however where they’re not quite locking down, so Boris said he “may have to consider going further.”

Yet, there are “no prospects of stoping tube travel or busses,” he said, the government “won’t tell people to not go to work.”

“We want to stop gatherings where this can be transmitted,” he emphasized, with the timeline being 12 weeks of this.

In yet another episode of corporate media not asking the questions, no one put to Johnson or the health advisors the matter of 99% of deaths being for those with other illnesses.

Just 0.8% of all deaths, regardless of age, are for those without any underlying conditions, while 5% are for those who had cancer!

There was instead a question about some young people maybe needing treatment, which was met with Whitty wit stating this affects more “particular groups of older people and medically vulnerable, most of deaths are in those groups.”

Yet a follow up question on why such drastic measures are being taken – though less in UK and more in other countries for now – when the average age of death is 79.5, was not asked.

However, they might now move to have these questions sessions in teleconferencing so that they themselves follow the advice they are giving. At which point hopefully they’ll widen the pool of admitted journalists who can ask questions that are actually in people’s minds and actually hold the government to account.

Because while this health problem for the very old or for those that have three illnesses is obviously of concern, the crashing economy is no joke with even JP Morgan estimating a 14% downfall in the second quarter of the year.

That’s Great Depression levels, and if this goes on for 12 weeks those already optimistic estimates about insta V recoveries might seem carelessly optimistic considering especially the terrible effect this economic cataclysm might have down south and in poorer countries.

Nor was any journalist there asking Johnson whether the health care service might not have an interest in blowing this out of proportion because they might get a lot of money, which in many ways is a terrible question to ask but in many other ways is one to be considered as some health experts keep bringing up the “cuts” to the health service when David Cameron ringfenced the NHS.

So this is hugely political, and in a most terrible way, because you do have to make choices, you do have to balance things, and you do have to consider what a Great Depression might mean for millions of healthy people in their prime with decades to look forward to, instead of 80 year olds whose time maybe has come anyway in a week or two.

The health of those young people, and by young we mean even 50 year olds with a whole family to look after, might now seem a bit abstract as the ‘economy,’ while the 80 year olds are a bit real in intensive care beds, but the calamity that might meet many families both now and later and both here as well as certainly down south, is very real.

So we need proper papers on just how serious is this thing with detailed informative data on who is in hospital with it, what other conditions they have, what is their age, and an acceptable judgment on whether 99% of them would have ended up there anyway.

Instead of getting as we are scary numbers of 3,000 dead with daily sensational headlines of some more people that have died, without pointing out they are very old people who may have had their time come anyway, and especially when even for very old people it appears a lot of them have many illnesses in any event.

This is also hurting in particular the millennial generation which for decades now has not been given a second to breath. And they might not be saying much now under the drums of conform and obey, drums beaten more by Generation No Name, or Generation Gestapo, or as is better known Generation X, which silently stood as their political class breached a sacred principle of no war of choice in 2003, or as banks collapsed and took all our money, but you can be sure the millennials will say a lot if it turns out we spared two weeks of life for 90 year olds at the expense of mass suicides or worse.

Where is the consideration of this gestapo like approach to our magna carta first of all, but also community relations as certain people are wiped into frenzy and even martial law is considered in some countries when:

“Every year an estimated 290,000 to 650,000 people die in the world due to complications from seasonal influenza (flu) viruses. This figure corresponds to 795 to 1,781 deaths per day due to the seasonal flu.”

Where were the lockdowns for this common flu to extend by a week or two the life of 90 year olds who, as anyone who is fortunate enough to have a grandma or grandpa still living at that age knows – and as brutal as it might sound but is also very comforting – these 90 year olds do in some ways desire to depart as at that long lived age life itself starts becoming not quite life.

All in good time of course, comfortable beds in their home, but going back to where we all came from is not quite a choice as things stand currently, and maybe it won’t ever be.

While for those in their prime you’d hope they would enjoy the same comfortable bed of very old age, instead of yet again being sent into the precipice for the third time now starting with just before 2003, then 2008, and so conveniently just when they had hope for 2020.

We say this as our very old grandfather of 96 still enjoys the air and hopefully to beyond 100, and as our own parents of 70 look fine and fit and hopefully will live more than even the mountains, but we also say this as on the surface it appears the lens of some media, especially Tencent partially-owned Reddit, has been zoomed in to terrorize people with misleading statistics and with a bot chorus that in a gestapo fashion orders all to wear a uniform.

You’d think logic and reason would have made evident serious matters and usually does so by judging that a certain behavior is normal behavior, as only logics can.

In this case it is doubtful to say the way all are acting is in any way normal, and thus one must at least raise the prospect of suspicion for we are a rational being under a democratic and accountable government that needs to persuade with facts, instead of emotional herds under the control of the media that can be ordered around even when facts raise red flags.

If this was something so serious as to shut down all things, you’d think it would be self evident it was so serious because the behavior would be serious and the facts would support its seriousness.

A complete collapse of travel and borders within a week after the decision to curfew Milan with stats showing even those that have cancer are counted as departing from this, is however not serious behavior at all especially when considering the facts.

That does not mean the advice should not be followed, to the contrary, let them have the pleasure. But very few can play with fire and not risk being burned fully.

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  1. Here is a self-proclaimed epidemiologist talking out of his ass. Funny how he defends the death of the elder and sick while calling others Gestapo.

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