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Happening Cancelled? World on Edge as Hospitals Rush to Get Chloroquine


On or around February 17th, infection rates in China suddenly plunged. The lockdown worked, was the claim, all heil the Communist Party.

But most looked and wondered what on earth happened. Now we likely know following the publication of just four paragraphs of world changing news:

“On February 17, 2020, the State Council of China held a news briefing indicating that chloroquine phosphate, an old drug for treatment of malaria, had demonstrated marked efficacy and acceptable safety in treating COVID-19 associated pneumonia in multicenter clinical trials conducted in China.”

This was picked up by Silicon Valley, where there’s a fairly big biohacking movement, with some corners buzzing as claims were made this drug is “spectacular.”

A claim made not just by anyone, but by the French Professor Didier Raoult, who some say is ranked as the number one expert in the world for infectious disease.

“At the University Hospital Institute in Marseille, Professor Raoult announces that the first trials of chloroquine are spectacular against the coronavirus,” says a French paper.

All this made its way to the President of the United States, Donald John Trump, who two days ago spent his daily briefing talking about what sounded like boring technicalities regarding drugs.

So few payed attention, until yesterday corporate reporters basically tried to shut him up, but one statement made all listen up. America has ordered one million of these chloroquines, said Trump.

Powerful drug, he said. I’ve seen things, it works. Safe too, been around for decades, used to treat malaria. Has been approved.

Corporate media went off to talk about whether it has been approved or not, with the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) stating: “There are no FDA-approved therapeutics or drugs to treat, cure or prevent Covid-19.”

Most probably don’t quite care about what FDA is saying, however, seeing as this is an emergency, seeing as there have been clinical trials showing it is safe and works, and seeing as a renowned expert says it works.

In addition bureaucrats know not to play with Trump because the public will chant ‘fire them all,’ so FDA hopefully shouldn’t be an issue.

The Four Paragraphs That Changed The World?

Hospitals have been rushing to get this thing, with rumors one million have been stolen in France, but they are probably completely baseless rumors.

“Orders of chloroquine spiked 3,000% in March, according to data from Premier, the group purchasing and consulting organization.” So says a specialist paper, adding:

“From January 2019 through February 2020, hospitals ordered an average of 149 units a month. More than 2,300 units were ordered through March thus far.”

Based on certain dozes and potential combinations with anti-biotics, this appears to have drastic effects because it seems to prevent the immune response to the virus.

As you know the Chinese flu is in two stages where at first you get basically a common cold, but because it is new and especially for older people, the natural immune screening process doesn’t work well. So they get a second stage where the body responds to it and in the process makes it all much worse.

Chloroquine apparently stops the receptors ‘clicking,’ so it prevents the virus from ‘hijacking’ the cells to get them to attack lungs that leads to the complications.

It’s an unpatented drug, been around 70 years, very cheap, and hopefully will make its way to Italy immediately to hopefully give us a Wuhan style plunge in infections.

The Happening Cancelled?

Awww, that sucks. There have been trials and there are experts in the relevant field saying this works, so hopefully we’ll get our boys out of bed and into our own factories to produce this and in significant amounts because we need to get this to poorer countries as well, like in the Balkans.

Troops apparently have descended in Tirana, Albania. That’s after troops were ordered into Milan, beautiful Milan.

So this is an emergency, and therefore this thing should be gotten to the people in the hospitals immediately, without waiting for bureaucracy or anything save for the usual standards of production requirements.

Then if patients consent to be treated with it, hopefully they’ll get very well and very soon.

For a minority it still might not work, but these are very old people, and 50% of them in Italy have three underlying serious illnesses, so for some, corona unfortunately is the least of their worries.

For the vast majority however this cures it, and very quickly as can be seen in the picture above, with it seemingly reacting pretty much instantly to the point most are on their feet in just three days.

So we need to get this to hospitals immediately and doctor centers and maybe doctors should even start recommending it to patients because those four paragraphs say:

“Authorities and organizers of clinical trials reached an agreement that chloroquine phosphate has potent activity against COVID-19.

The drug is recommended for inclusion in the next version of the Guidelines for the Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Pneumonia Caused by COVID-19 issued by the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China.”

Party For The Living?

All this is very new, but once a pandemic was declared, the entire medical world has been looking for a solution beyond ‘shut it all down.’

So there’s reason to be hopefully and optimistic because it seems to work, and as there are troops on the streets, there’s clearly an urgency to get it out there right now, with pressure now developing on authorities and the wider medical profession to report on the results preferably within 48 hours.

Not least because we now have children crying for school, and our parents are very worried obviously, with old people apparently the most delinquent in breaking these quarantine restrictions presumably because they want to enjoy living while they can as the media is telling them some of them won’t be living for long.

In addition grown up men are in tears at seeing their business close, so if there’s any reason for hope we must grab it with urgency and end this like Wuhan did.

We can then go on our spring holidays and enjoy the beaches in Florida and enjoy life which once again we are reminded how fragile it is and can be.

Where our space is concerned, bitcoin halved in price because of this thing which chloroquine will now hopefully get rid of, so if the happening is cancelled then you should think it should double.

Stocks would roar like you won’t believe, like Shanghai stocks did before the Milan outbreak.

Businesses would get right back to buzzing, and then we can maybe save some of those trillions in stimulus for perhaps incentivizing robotization in manufacturing so that we can make all these drugs, and computers, and other goods, in our own countries not least to keep and develop expertise and innovation.

And if that’s the case then hopefully that’s it now in regards to all these happenings because we’ve had enough for this year and decade. But we obviously have to wait for official confirmation first on whether the happening is cancelled or not before having a good reason to go out and celebrate life.

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