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Trump Races Chloroquine to New York as Searches Shoot Way Past Bitcoin


A gift from heaven, a gift from god, that’s how US President Donald Trump described a treatment that combines hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin, now colloquially referred to as just chloroquine.

“I feel very good about it,” he said, “we do not have much time.” So he spoke to the governor of New York, “how it looks? He’s got a lot of sick people,” Trump said.

“We’re gone be delivering a lot of samples to New York.” 10,000 chloroquines are on their way to the big apple, Trump said.

“It surprised me really,” he continued, “seen a lot of things… this could be the greatest thing that could happen… so we gone pray to god it does work.”

A new French study by stellar medical professionals with expertise in this area was rushed into publication on the 16th of March because they say:

“For ethical reasons and because our first results are so significant and evident we decide to share our findings with the medical community, given the urgent need for an effective drug against SARS-CoV-2 in the current pandemic context.”

A day after, searches for this potential treatment shot up. Two day later, Trump mentioned it. Now, this has gone viral with hospitals racing to get supplies to save lives:

Chloroquine searches skyrocket, March 2020
Chloroquine searches skyrocket, March 2020

China has apparently known about this chloroquine since at least February 17th, but in the west there appears to have been very little knowledge of it until a small uptick on the 25th of February.

Interest started to rise on the 10th of March. That being just a day after Milan was locked down.

There is no indication Italy has been using this drug even though a renowned French expert in infectious diseases mentioned it all the way back on the 28th of February.

That expert, Professor Didier Raoult, is one of the authors of this game changing study in addition to many others.

They’re basically saying this works, with France now expected to significantly widen the pool of people that are treated with this, which should give us all more and more data in just three days.

The beauty of this is that it is just a pill. A very cheap one, although supplies are running low so prices are going up, but it’s still $20 or something silly.

It’s unpatented, so basically free, and easy to produce. Trump for example mentioned they’re going to make 50 million masks – for hopefully no one to need – so they can easily make hundreds of millions of this pill.

It’s a very powerful pill, however. It’s not something you just take lightly. There can be potential side effects. But because it is just a pill and because it is so cheap, doctors could potentially just prescribe it, as they currently have the right to do.

So our mums and dads hopefully won’t even need to go to hospital, and if they are there, you’d expect this treatment to be widened considerably especially if they consent to it.

There’s specific ways of doing this effectively, certain doses, certain times a day and so on, so it is certainly not something you just buy off the shelf. But, it could potentially be something where the family or local doctor prescribes it, and from results so far it seems the vast majority get well in just three days.

The Chinese government recommends this for treatment now following results of trials there. Belgium apparently does too.

It appears South Korea too has been using this, so explaining how they apparently were so effective with their ‘lockdown’ measures. And it’s not too clear about Hong Kong, but some effective treatment definitely must have been used there because you’d expect mass infections and deaths otherwise as they’re not only next to China, but also were allowing people from China and even Wuhan to use their hospitals.

So there is great hope this works and since these people are almost dying anyway, there is great demand to get it to them straight away because as Trump says, ‘what you got to lose?’

And he’s right, regardless of the politics some love to hang on or whatever else, but this didn’t come from Trump, it came from front-line workers.

If it was Trump obviously no one would care as this isn’t his field, but many, if not perhaps even all, might well think he is right when he says for a lot of these people that are about to die, they have nothing to lose.

As such, as it appears the evidence from very impartial sources has built up to a sufficient level, and considering the dire situation of those directly affected but also of those indirectly affected healthwise in that apparently even some young non-corona cancer patients are being delayed treatment – as well as those affected economically and socially, culturally, in all ways – you’d expect an urgent delivery of this treatment.

Urgent because logically you’d think if someone has deteriorated so considerably that they are a day or two from death, this might not help. But it appears the deterioration from needing serious healthcare, even intensive healthcare, to departing, apparently takes 20 days or in some cases even a bit more.

So if those in the frontline – who of course are best to exercise judgment – think someone is a few days in and maybe is a bit hopeless, can now potentially even recommend this treatment because on balance you would think doing so is safer than not doing so.

Obviously these are not necessarily easy decisions considering it is still a fairly new thing, but not acting is acting. One can be just as careless in not providing a potential treatment as they can be in providing it.

Thus on balance and based on what is known, one can well conclude why not do what appears to be less risky and may even be very beneficial in giving this treatment, instead of ostensibly playing it safe when that might mean not safe at all as they might depart without the treatment.

Time being of the essence, and for some of them there being no time at all, the consequences of action and the consequences of inaction have to be judged to the conclusion that action is better in these frontline times, with that action then potentially saving the lives of not only those immediately concerned, but far, far many more as the data builds up.

Otherwise basically the bureaucracy would be saying just let them go as we build up these fine academic papers to the interest of no one.

Something we are very sure frontline doctors and everyone else knows very well, and thus since there is evidence this works and is safe, hopefully we get it to all that need it and with urgency, because there is nothing to lose at this stage and, well, it seems to work so why on earth would we lose any time whatever in the absence of evidence to the contrary when there is evidence it works.

In which case, hopefully we get to cancel this happening, and when we do, you’d think some would get to look at what on earth happened because this has been utterly bizarre.


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