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Doctors Rush to Hoard Chloroquine as France Begins Yet Another Trial


The medical profession and bureaucracy have entered open war as the pandemic rages across the west with what may be a most shameful episode in modern history currently seemingly unfolding.

The drama is most acute in France where a world renown expert in infectious diseases and now a household name, Professor Didier Raoult, has been battling for a month the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, known as Inserm.

After news came out of China of a breakthrough in battling the pandemic, Raoult suggested it for treatment, but Inserm wanted a trial.

Raoult went public on or around the 25th of February. Le Monde called this treatment ‘fake news.’ Facebook labeled the video as partially false based on Le Monde’s ‘fact checking.’

The world seemingly forgot about all this, if they new at all, with just one lone voice asking in late February: “What’s the latest on effectiveness of Chloroquine Phosphate?””

That Phosphate aspect is what was used in China. It has been refined to what is now probably a familiar combination for most, hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin, generally called just chloroquine for convenience.

To answer the poster’s question, nothing happened in regards to chloroquine until the 16 of March when the trial results were published.

That set Silicon Valley abuzz, and from there it reached the massive microphone of Trump who made all aware there is a treatment.

That is game changing, and it was game changing in China as it was game changing in South Korea where the lockdowns had no effect, but this treatment ended it.

Yet astonishingly Inserm now wants to wait six more weeks for what should be called the death study.

Bureaucratic Ethics on Trial

“The patients will be divided into five groups: a placebo group treated for symptoms only, one to test the effectiveness of an anti-HIV drug (Kaletra), another which will combine it with interferon beta to modulate the immune response, a fourth to check the effect of an antiviral developed against the Ebola virus (remdesivir). The fifth will gain access to chloroquine, starting next Friday.”

This is with “3,200 patients in Europe, including 800 in France.” They have to wait until Friday to get life saving treatment, and atrociously some of them – the placebo group or the ‘controlled’ group – will get no treatment at all.

Bureaucracy in effect is going to let 1/5th of 3,200 people die or risk death in the name of ‘science’ while claiming they are doing things properly, with data, with standards, while some would say with murder! Something students will undoubtedly ponder in their ethics classes for decades to come.

In addition although Kaletra and remdesivir can be effective, it appears quite clear based on the evidence that has come out that the chloroquine combination seems to be most effective, but it can depend and at least these patients will have some chance, unlike the ‘controlled group.’

They want all other patients, who in effect are the real controlled group, to die or risk death for another six weeks without a treatment while they wait for the bureaucracy ‘results.’

A bureaucracy that is not moving at all in Italy, even though they are so overwhelmed, with the Italian government stating:

“There is no specific treatment for the disease caused by a new coronavirus and there are currently no vaccines available to protect against the virus.”

That’s even though there have been 29 trials in China, basically proving this works, but the bureaucracy for some inexplicable reason wants to wait another six weeks, by which point this would be over by itself anyway with many lives needlessly lost.

The Hippocratic Oath v Bureaucracy

Doctors however are not waiting. They are highly trained, chloroquine is a very familiar drug to the profession as it has been around for nearly a century, generally doctors are smart, they can read all these studies, and they can reach their own conclusions.

“It’s amazing how many people suddenly have Rheumatoid Arthritis,” says one pharmacist on social media.

Optometrists, dentists, anyone that can is basically prescribing this to their family and their cousins’ cousins.

One person says his wife is in the frontline, so their whole family is at risk, therefore they need this.

Many nurses and doctors have been infected because this spreads very easily, so this is not even about saving others’ lives, this is about doctors’ lives v bureaucracy.

An Italian doctor says the trick is to “treat more patients at home.” This is where chloroquine is god send because it’s just a pill. They can just take it at home.

Doctors don’t even need to see them, they can talk on Skype or whatever and since this drug has gone through safety trials decades ago for other illnesses, doctors have the right to prescribe it off label as it is called.

Obviously this is a powerful drug and as with any drug it can be dangerous, so it’s not something you just take willy nilly. There are certain doses, certain ways of taking it, just talk to the doctor if you have any of the symptoms and especially if you are in one of the at risk groups and have common flu like symptoms.

This is a very cheap drug, usually it costs just $2 for a pack of ten, but everyone wants it at once now so you’d expect the elected to order a huge ramping up of production by any and all factories as there are no commercial restrictions, and instead of making masks which no one might use, they should be producing this life saving thing.

If doctors, based on their own judgment of course as we expect them, take things on their own hands to abide by the Hippocratic Oath and to save others lives as well as their own lives, and judge the evidence accordingly, then hopefully they will keep our mums and dads safe at home instead of at super-spreader hospitals.

Politics, Even Here?

The World Health Organization is putting and has put lives at risk by claiming there is no treatment when evidence clearly shows there is.

The bureaucracy in our own countries may have led to unnecessary deaths as it is unclear why this considerable evidence from China, South Korea, Singapore, and many other countries, was not taken into account for the treatment of patients even before they reach hospital.

How this flew under the radar for so long, and how even now it is not being rushed to the needy, is a question that might give rise to proper enquiries, and proper enquiries, not one of those ‘enquiries.’

Because this is lives we are talking about, and it appear quite clear there has been considerable negligence at the very least in the bureaucracy, not where doctors and nurses are concerned as well as others in the frontline who are giving their lives and perhaps unnecessarily due to this failed bureaucracy.

On social media moreover it appears quite clear there is some agenda. An army of bots has seemingly corrupted our public spaces, and thus our democracies, with fear mongering at unconsciounable levels, while drastic measures are chorused like the inquisatories, turning ordinary people into gestapos.

They lied about the lockdowns working in China, they lied about test and tracing working in South Korea for it appears very clear what worked was the treatment.

To some, both foreign and domestic, a quick return to normality might ruin their hopes that the west, or some party, is damaged.

The elected as always are asleep at the wheel, while the health bureaucracy clearly has failed and is still failing in some countries.

However many countries, and the number is growing by the day, have added this treatment to their guidelines. In Asia of course, but Poland is the latest one to do so in Europe, as are many other latin American countries.

While in Western Europe and US, politics is being put first, before health, as corporate media continues to lie about the lockdowns being effective, while seemingly not mentioning much this treatment, to the point to the disgrace of all, some called it ‘false hope’ when we can all read the studies.


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