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Boris on the Brink of Tearing Up Magna Carta While British Media Ignores Treatment


UK is on the verge of passing a law that suspends habeas corpus, the right not to be detained without trial.

A law drafted on February 10th, long before corona was declared a pandemic, gives the police the right to force test people, to imprison them, or to quarantine them, based solely on the ‘suspicion’ of having symptoms.

The law allows an officer to take a biological sample, including a sample of respiratory secretions or blood, by appropriate means.

There is a right to appeal but to the magistrates court, meaning criminal courts, rather than to civil courts under judicial review which may still apply in any event.

The law grants the police authority to use reasonable force to “take the person to a suitable place, specified by the Secretary of State or a public health officer, for the person’s detention or isolation; keep the person in detention or isolation.”

In addition it allows authorities to basically kidnap people from the streets and send them for ‘screening’ if they suspect they have symptoms with ‘suspect’ not quite clarified, nor are the ‘symptoms’.

Astonishingly they say “an impact assessment has not been produced for this instrument as no, or no significant, impact on the private or voluntary sector is foreseen.”

This law expires after two years, with Boris Johnson apparently thinking this state terror might go on for months and months.

Thats while a treatment has been found as Chinese officials claim chloroquine “demonstrated efficacy and acceptable safety in treating COVID-19 associated pneumonia.”

South Korea says chloroquine is an “effective antiviral treatment against the disease” according to a report by US virologists.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology says the drug is “highly effective,” yet the French Medical Institute, known as Inserm, says a trial will include five treatment modalities:

  • standard of care
  • standard of care plus remdesivir
  • standard of care plus lopinavir and ritonavir,
  • standard of care plus lopinavir, ritonavir and interferon beta
  • standard of care plus hydroxy-chloroquine.

Standard care means no treatment, so these people will basically be killed through gross negligence by our own health authorities.

That being the ones who write the guidelines and all the rest, the bureaucrats, rather than the doctors and nurses out there treating patients who too may be killed through gross negligence in what technically is called a manslaughter as these doctors and nurses are at most risk from this virus.

Manslaughter because the evidence is extremely clear and official sources from the initially most affected areas are saying that chloroquine works. So not giving people treatment at all in ostensibly the name of ‘science’ is basically murder.

Obviously in the very, very early days when health experts were first confronted with this and tried different treatments, you can expect these ‘controlled groups’ to make sure the effects of a treatment are not just placebo.

But now that China and South Korea have eradicated this pandemic based on a treatment that clearly works, having so many be given just standard care without treatment even in the trial, in addition to the tens of thousands of patients that are left to die because of no treatment while they wait the results, is logically you would think basically intentional murder.

The great British public however is not being told of this treatment in an unbiased way whereby the facts are stated, with briefing after briefing and news program after news program not mentioning at all the fact that China has found a treatment!

A search on Youtube for BBC and chloroquine shows nothing. Same for Channel 4. So broadcasters are hiding the fact there is a treatment, while health advisors are dragging their feet with week long trials when all these trials have been done already and the results are known, including the result that the pandemic has been eradicated where this treatment is used.

Meaning there is good reason to suspect UK is being marched into tyranny not because of this pandemic, but because of a political decision from landslide Boris to first deny people a treatment and second to threaten them with basically kidnapping and forced blood analysis based on the excuse of a pandemic that is clearly fully treatable as China and South Korea is showing and saying.


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