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Choir Sings the Death Knell of Liberty


The British Prime Minister has announced effectively martial law without informing the public there is a proven treatment for the pandemic which has been successful in eradicating it in all of Asia.

We take it thus as a political declaration of tyranny, not least because there was no discrimination whatever on where these measures are to apply considering many British towns and cities are not at all affected, and so find it very fit to dedicate a poem to this death knell of liberty, our very own of course.

Ah cherished, you beauty,
for centuries past,
thy Socrates your mister,
thy Jesus your god,
thy Galileo your master,
thy Turing your dark.

Your presence, our pleasure,
but here now your body,
your breast out of love,
your eyes still bright,
your mouth so shut.

Who killed you, my queen,
what monster, what god?
Your children, was it thus,
here, at the attendance of no one,
but god.

Ooo who are these heathens,
that hand dared you touch,
my jewel of centuries,
my love of seven stars.

That finds not even bells,
to ring your death knell,
discarded like a whore,
my beauty, my god.

Who for you will stand,
in this wretched land,
as troops now patrol,
gestapos one and all.

In days, not months,
instantly by decree,
by a click, as such,
dead you lie here,
from liberty to tyranny.

Eh how we miss you,
by seconds as it stands,
you goddess of seven seas,
rise, alas, this liquid I give thee.

Rise your majesty,
for seven lives your harbor,
and 27 furthar,
while they, only death,
chained your hands and chained your legs,
under hypnotiz of signal everywhere.

Queen to them no longer,
kings now kings of you,
hide they do thy treatment,
as with troops they march,
from their homes taking lads and lass,
to the cheer of fools abound,
churches closed, no bells to rang.

O thy heaven, bring your fortune,
O thy Faust, fall right down,
O you angels bring your army,
stand for freedom, libertas.

For thy kings are claiming land,
upon all and everyone,
when pandemic long has gone,
from China, Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Places plenty where they treat,
but in Britain to the ground,
science, evidence, now stand,
marching soldiers, that’s important,
hypno-signal, that’s now god.

Rise you rise for libertas,
beauty here laying stands,
come you men, and you las,
lift this queen, or hell for us.


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  1. For most people there is no treatment needed! Dig deeper! Check this out:

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