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Has China Infiltrated Western Healthcare Echelons?


Traitor Charles Lieber

Just days after Wuhan was quarantined, news broke of an astonishing development in the world of science in general, and medicine in particular.

“U.S. Accuses Harvard Scientist of Concealing Chinese Funding,” the New York Times reported on the 28th of January 2020, adding:

“Prosecutors say Charles M. Lieber, the chair of Harvard’s chemistry department, lied about contacts with China’s Thousand Talents Program, a state-run initiative that seeks to draw foreign-educated talent.”

This program was established in 2008, with Obama in 2012 announcing the pivot away from focusing on Europe and the Middle East to focusing on Asia.

“According to charging documents, Dr. Lieber was paid up to $50,000 per month in salary and $150,000 per year in living expenses by Wuhan University of Technology. He was also awarded more than $1.5 million by the university and the Chinese government to build a laboratory in Wuhan,” the report says.

Lieber was “the chair of Harvard’s department of chemistry and chemical biology” until just a few weeks ago, yet he was accused of “working on behalf of China.”

Astonishingly “researchers of Chinese descent make up nearly half of the work force in American research laboratories.”

Although this is called the thousands talents program, it has attracted “more than 7,000 people overall” as of 2018, before the trade war and currency war went into full swing.

That’s an incredible number when one remembers these are people in leadership and decision making positions, especially in healthcare and other science fields.

These are not the doctors and nurses dying in our hospitals. These are the policy makers in the bureaucracy structure, as well as the general influencers, and the ones that give orders to nurses and doctors.

A Great Infiltration and Subversion?

What is astonishing about the Lieber case is the fact he lied about participating in this program, raising the question why?

Why did he hide it, from the Defense Department itself? More importantly, was this his own choice and a one off, or are the circumstances as such that all participants feel compelled to hide it or have there been guidelines to the participants to hide their participation?

And how many are there in key positions within our structures, either directly like Lieber or more subtly through lower level ‘researchers’ who compile the ‘evidence’ that informs those in decision making positions?

We’ve all heard the refrain from politicians that they are acting based on science, but what if this ‘science’ has been corrupted?

And there is evidence it has been corrupted because there have been 29 trials in China proving there is a treatment, there have been clinical trials in the west proving as much as anything can be proven that there is a most simple treatment:

“Hydroxychloroquine is given at a dose of 600 mg per day for ten days (in the form of Plaquenil, the name of the medicine, Editor’s note) in the form of tablets administered three times a day. And 250 mg azithromycin twice the first day and then once a day for five days.”

Yet the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held another briefing where there was no mention whatever of a treatment or cure, and the corporate media enquired on it not at all.

Instead, after question upon question on ‘lockdown,’ they got him to basically threaten martial law in London! Or as he put it, nothing is ruled out, but UK is three weeks behind Italy and yes, in his words, he might order the police to get involved.

In arresting 70 year olds presumably. While in Italy ‘doctors’ are descending from helicopters in astronaut suits with people there now cremated apparently, as they go ‘testing’ with suggestions there might be tests to show people who had it before. Tests that require blood, literally, and maybe forcefully once parliament passes a new law next week.

This all is apparently on ‘scientific advice,’ primarily for UK from the Imperial College University which you would think would be a key target if there has been an infiltration.

Their ‘scientific’ advice has made non credible claims that as much as 8 million people might need to be hospitalized. A clear lie because just today the government announced they are asking around 1.4 million at risk to stay at home, fully, not allowed to even go for a run.

Eight million is of course significantly more than 1.4 million, but these are the ‘scientists,’ so the prime minister trained in classical history obviously has to take their word and if they say tear up Magna Carta, he ‘has’ to do it.

Played. Merkle, in a rebellion for a politician, went out to go shopping to presumably comfort the people. Yet suddenly now she may have been in contact with some doctor and may have gotten this thing, therefore has to self-quarantine and leave great Germany without an effectively working chancellor!

One by one, our politicians are being ordered. Not overtly, not without their overt consent, but arguably without being aware they are being ordered through a very subtle potential subversion where the ‘experts” they trust outright take power based on ‘science’ and often way out there claims and ‘predictions’ that terrifies them, but since these are mainly literature graduates, they probably don’t know they are being lied to, perhaps because of a decade long subversion.

High Treason

Happy jumpy Anthony Stephen Fauci, the man in charge of US’s response to all this, called 29 trials in China and the weeks long evidence from South Korea and many other countries that there is an effective treatment for this, as ‘anecdotal.’

The French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, known as Inserm, is dismissing all the known evidence that there is a cure in favor of what can only be called as buying time under the excuse of a proper ‘study,’ death study, that is to last for six weeks, which don’t even start until Friday.

While China quarantined what comparably would be just a small town for Italy, just 10% of its population, Italy has locked down all its people, and has by arguably unconstitutional diktat sent troops to what for China would be the equivalent of Shanghai, which somehow was never affected.

Chinese ‘advisors’ apparently are telling Italians that troops in Milan is not sufficient, they have to go further, to do god knows what.

And as Wuhan parties while the rest of China looks on at what never affected 90% of them even during the peak there in January and early February, our health ‘advisors’ are telling our politicians to destroy more and more all that makes our civilization so great.

But not all health advisors. Didier Raoult, one of 12 advising the French government, is deeply respected within his profession, has a number of discoveries named after him, and is a “collector of bacteria and viruses (he has more than 3,000, among the most dangerous in the world) in his Marseille premises, in the heart of the Timone hospital,” according to local media.

We all know the World Health Organization has been infiltrated by China, but Raoult has been fighting the French equivalent which astonishingly has basically said let them all die for six weeks, or in bureaucratic language, that they need six weeks for this death study.

He compared that death study to taking 100 people “half with parachutes and half without, and count the dead at the end to see what is most effective.”

He called it immoral to not give people this treatment. “In my team, we are pragmatic people, not TV set birds,” he said, adding:

“In infectious diseases, we diagnose people and, once we get the result, we treat them. Especially since we are starting to see people carrying the virus, apparently without clinical signs, but who, in a non-negligible number of cases, have lung lesions visible on CT showing that they are sick. If these people are not treated in time, there is a reasonable risk that they will be found in intensive care where they will not be caught.”

So why is this treatment that China is using, that South Korea is using, and that has been proven to work as much as anything can be proven, seemingly being ignored completely in favor of the tearing up of Magna Carta and the liberties of men?

Well, if there has been a massive infiltration – and there is evidence there has been an infiltration certainly at the WHO and clearly at the Tencent partially owned Reddit, but also in regards to this Harvard professor who clearly is just a canary – then it appears quite clear why our elected are effectively being ordered by the ‘scientists,’ who could well be outright traitors, to martial law and to terrorize our people and to crush our freedoms!

Instead of looking at all these studies we can all read, and even as laymen we can understand at least the conclusions, these experts high up in the bureaucracy who may well be following orders from China are dismissing the proven treatment as anecdotal and in the process they are basically killing us.

When they should be rushing this treatment to all hospitals, and plenty of fine doctors and nurses are doing so regardless of the orders of these potential infiltrators, because as Raoult rightly says: “It’s my freedom to prescribe as a doctor. We do not have to obey government orders to treat the sick.”

The very educated western public knows what is going on. The fine doctors and nurses are most at risk because “in Italy and China, an extremely large part of the patients turned out to be healthcare personnel.”

So hopefully our revolt is peaceful and effective from bottom up, because there is reason to think the top has been captured, knowingly or unknowingly.

And this goes to all sectors, from the police and the army, to the medical profession of course. We are at war, with an invisible enemy, that denies treatment to our men and women. Resist in effective ways for liberty, stand for Magna Carta! And if necessary, revolt too in order to demand the treatment of our father and mothers as well as all those of more ‘ordinary’ health events who are being killed by this refusal from a potentially infiltrated bureaucracy, to treat our every man and woman.

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  1. The author should educate themselves on the everlasting shame of the U.S government and its interning of Japanese Americans during WWII; camps I might add that contained American patriots and heroes of WWII, such as Fred Korematsu.

    Get yourself an education so you’ll have another tool to go along spellcheck to prop up your disinformation.

    That’s my real name in the comments and Im a Caucasian American and veteran who is not bankrolled or supported by any other entity or party (to my knowledge) with ties to another nation’s government.

    If you personally believe the slant you’re shilling to any who come across your click-bait (hey, it got me after all), then you’re paranoia is one example of millions of people in this country that are busy pointing fingers into dark, shadowy corners where they think some monsters lurk such as a child does in their bed in the dark . If you are in fact only creating clickbait, then I hope you’re a Chinese National because only the most self sabotaging fool would seek to weaken his own home for a buck.

    Please keep in mind, Im well aware that Im a hypocrite in every talking point i just threw at you though i hope less of one as time goes on. Please don’t take my words as anything other than plea to considering the greater ramifications your published words can have on influencing the world even in the aggregate.

    *You’ll never receive another comment from this asshole either way. The name is fake. The email account is real beyond simply registered as a proxy for stuff like this comment. Or is it? Have a good’un

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