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Dow, Bitcoin, Even Footsie Jumps 10% on Hope of Treatment and Easing of Restrictions


Bitcoin rose by about 10% yesterday in an apparent front-running of stock markets after Donald Trump, the President of the United States, suggested restrictions may be lifted as soon as Monday.

There’s much hope good results will come from New York which has began a mass treatment of patients with data hopefully as soon as tomorrow, but certainly in the next few days considering the urgency of receiving the results so that everyone can be treated across the world.

They using chloroquine in this case in different sorts of combinations, but China has apparently found even slightly better treatments that work on 90% of patients, instead of around 85% or so for chloroquine.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has accused China of not sharing data, so it’s unclear what this other treatment might be with it more very much a rumor.

Why China or even South Korea are not sharing their findings with the global community is not very clear. What is clear however is that they are providing their people treatment.

While in the United Kingdom a new report shows British patients are receiving no treatment, which might explain the significantly worsening situation in UK.

In a daily briefing a health advisor said people were being given treatment in the context of a trial with the first patient signed up today.

It’s not clear whether there would be controlled groups within the trial, but it is probably the European wide trial that has just began, with the real control group being those that are not part of this trial and are basically not receiving any treatment at all.

This does suggest some considerable negligence somewhere or non cooperation because it has been four months now, so all these trials have been done early on.

At this point all patients should be treated based on the evidence of what works in South Korea, China, and other Asian countries that have been dealing with this a bit longer.

Presumably it is the hope that there will now be considerable pressure to treat people that has given some considerable green in stocks, including for UK’s FTSE 100 despite the near total lockdown of London.

Stocks show some green, March 2020
Stocks show some green, March 2020

Another reason might be a new study that shows a “high incidence of asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

28% of children tested, and interestingly some 27% of those over the age of 70, apparently show no symptoms at all, suggesting fatality rates have been greatly exaggerated considering many have not been tested because there just isn’t the capacity.

Still the problem is the sudden surge in demand for healthcare, with the key there being treatment, especially early treatment at home if they can just take a pill by themself after prescription from the doctor.

Lockdowns arguably are not really a solution save for maybe temporarily because once restrictions are lifted then you’re back at square one.

Treatment however is what has kept this in check in Asia so hopefully it starts being applied widely here too, especially early treatment which prevents the need to go to hospital.

Yet they dragging their feet for some reason, but everyone will be looking at the results from New York so we’ll know maybe even in a couple of days whether there’s reason to think cryptos and stocks have bottomed.


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