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Markets Rise But Nervousness Grows Amid Politics Over Chloroquine


Dow rose as much as another 5% today, but seems to have cooled off somewhat to 2.5% as peculiar politics develops over a potential treatment with hydroxychloroquine.

Nevada’s governor Steve Sisolak has signed an emergency order banning the use of this potential treatment for someone who has coronavirus.

This astonishing political interference in the medical profession by the Democrat Governor was under the excuse of dealing with “facts, not fiction,” and because this politician says there’s no cure.

In regards to a cure, he is technically correct, there isn’t a known cure, but there is lifesaving treatment for some who develop serious complications due to corona.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there and clearly now there’s significant politics with peoples lives, but most know you can’t get much more trustworthy than Elesvier. They say:

“Antiviral medications are not recommended for use in young, healthy patients with mild symptoms and no underlying comorbid conditions.

However, treatment with lopinavir 400 mg; ritonavir 100 mg (2 tablets by mouth twice daily) or chloroquine (500 mg by mouth twice daily) should be considered for use in older patients or patients with underlying conditions and serious symptoms. If chloroquine is unavailable, they recommend considering use of hydroxychloroquine (400 mg by mouth once daily).

Use of ribavirin and interferon were not recommended as first-line treatments because of the risk for side effects; however, use of these medications may be considered if treatment with lopinavir; ritonavir, chloroquine, or hydroxychloroquine are ineffective.”

That’s citing scientific evidence and fact with the above linking to the relevant studies, but there is also now anecdotal evidence in regards to a doctor saying he has been using this treatment for a week and it seems to work.

This is a powerful drug that can have side effects and misuse obviously can be very dangerous, so it should only be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

The British government however has now stated Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine should only be used in trials.

They say the growing number of people dying in British hospitals will have to wait “until we have clear, definitive evidence these treatments are safe and effective for the treatment of COVID-19.”

The “clear, definitive evidence” for UK will be in six weeks as they take part in a European trial which even within it, will leave some people to die due to no treatment at all. Thats as authorities say the trial will include five treatment modalities:

  • standard of care
  • standard of care plus remdesivir
  • standard of care plus lopinavir and ritonavir,
  • standard of care plus lopinavir, ritonavir and interferon beta
  • standard of care plus hydroxy-chloroquine.

That’s a lot of people that will receive only standard care, meaning no treatment. In addition, there appears to be growing evidence remdesivir does not work. So it’s not very clear what exactly is going on.

The health bureaucracy is often very keen to emphasize science must be open and there must be collaboration, yet they appear to dismiss completely the scientific work of South Koreans and Chinese scientists, going so far as to even call it anecdodal.

What is anecdotal evidence is the fact South Korea in particular has stood out as getting a grip on this without imprisoning its entire population.

What is scientific evidence is their studies, and since we are allies with South Korea it’s not very clear why their doctors are not on Newsnight for example instead of stupid politicians or potentially corrupt health officials that might be taking paychecks either from Big Farma of from China.

China in particular has a top talent program of 7,000 westerners who, according to Nature:

“[The] provisions in sample Thousand Talent contracts requiring participating scientists to abide by Chinese law, keep the contract secret, recruit postdocs and sign over any intellectual-property rights to the sponsoring Chinese institution.”

If it is indeed the case they are required to keep the contract secret, then these are basically spies and they get paid very handsomely for it, some $50,000 a month – twice more than most make in a year – plus grants and their own team, etc.

So one can’t discard potential perverse influences as otherwise it isn’t clear why we’re not taking part in this open science and so get out there and treat all patients based on the evidence from South Korea and China, unless this arrogance is either just pure racism as our health officials maybe considering their evidence as not quite to “our” standards, or open science is more ‘open’ for them and very closed for us in that WHO has accused China of not sharing the data.

Chinese health officials are now cooperating with Italy and things are getting better there, but unless we have been misled about China and South Korea recommending this treatment – and we take care to not be misled – then it’s not very clear what on earth is going on.

Imprisoning a billion people while these bureaucrats claim they have to comply with ‘ethics’ in regards to these trials where they basically let some people die in the name of science, in addition to all the other dying people not part of these trials, plus obviously the many who may die due to economic hardship or because of this imprisonment, is a very perverse definition of ethics.

Unless all these deaths have nothing to do with corona, which seems to be the case for 99.2% of them that have serious other illnesses, and have a lot more to do with politics.

Trump’s approval ratings have reached all time high because the American public of course knows what’s going on.

They probably think they are under attack, and they are from some ‘invisible’ enemy. So they probably cheering on Trump because they hate all this.

Obviously this is an election year and by November people might have forgotten this bizarre episode and might focus on just the economy, but what is currently going on is changing the perspective of a lot of people, especially independents.

Trump moreover in this has as allies the powerful ‘ordinary people’ business class. The ones that really run the country day to day, the ones everyone looks up to.

They hate this. And clearly they see only Trump seems to be on their side. Something of a gift to him really because he was losing them, and now they see just how corrupt our bureaucracy might have become.

Dominic Cummings, for who in these pages we had a lot of hope for his plans to reform the civil service, bring it into this century, make it nimble, has apparently been replaced now by those bureaucrats where the ear of Boris Johnson is concerned.

It may well be the case there has never been a Prime Minister who rose so high and so quickly fell in the eyes of many.

But logically we don’t blame him, the literature guy, for he must be under extreme terrorizing fear by the ‘scientists’ which to him may well be a completely different species.

And so the ‘clash’ as the ‘scientist’ run government of China full of engineers sends the ‘scientists’ to beat down the lawyers and literature graduates with ‘facts’ in a most astonishing episode of wit and dumwit in living memory and perhaps in many centuries.

Hopefully the Trump team knows what’s going on, and hopefully they see how our bureaucratic structure may have failed us and perhaps even existentially so. And thus hopefully they set to reform it, to get a more Estonia style civil service where there is less or even no distinction between the civil service and the business class which both serves and serves them.

In our own space we have for two years now highlighted the deafness of the relevant bureaucracy, SEC, which seems not keen at all to work with those that may know how to improve things, and seems to work only with the other sort of bureaucrats, the vast billionaires or their admins that are no where near the ground and so might not quite have a clear view.

With the internet now easily facilitating online communication and collaboration, you’d expect not just a responsive government, but a malleable government.

Instead what we have is extreme rigidity, Soviet granite walls, impenetrable, except for the billionaires with their revolving doors. Leading thus to lifelong bureaucrats telling us all ‘ethics’ dictates we let people die!

That’s while some of them insider trade, with these unelected and unaccountable grey suits deciding the fate of trillions, if not hundreds of trillions, of dollars and perhaps even that of liberty and democracy.


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  1. You did not bring up the differences of public policy and why it hit Italy and Spain harder than in Wuhan and South Korea. Different modes of public policy, different cultures, different types of government. Beyond that, this is a public health emergency, and PUBLIC HEALTH LAWS are DRACONIAN for a reason. Trump is NOT more popular than ever and I am in the first inning of a 9 inning game in New York City – the epicenter of this in America.


    If the Infectious Disease Specialist who consulted on the movie “Contagion” got it, EVERYONE CAN GET IT.


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