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Oxford Contradicts Imperial Study That Informed British and American Policy While Bahrain Reports Chloroquine Success


Researchers from Oxford University have found that 36% to 68% of the UK population has already caught corona.

Their model operates on extrapolations from death statistics, with the lower number being under the assumption of a 1% fatality rate, while close to 70% would have already been infected if the fatality rate is 0.1%.

In other words the model says what is, rather than what might be, based on p, that being the fatality rate.

That is extremely important because the British and American government is working based on the prediction of Neil Ferguson, director of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis at Imperial College London.

That report made the astonishing prediction of “approximately 510,000 deaths in GB and 2.2 million in the US, not accounting for the potential negative effects of health systems being overwhelmed.”

This basically terrorized both Donald Trump and Boris Johnson while markets were in panic mode following the curfewing of Milan.

So they followed Ferguson’s orders, with the streets of London now fully empty, but Ferguson now has tempered fully his prediction, saying only 20,000 deaths are to be expected in UK.

Why the United Kingdom should have 10x more deaths than China even though China’s population is 50x more, is not at all clear.

What is clear however is that around 7,000 scientists mainly from the west have signed a secret contract with the Chinese government to participate in the so called One Thousand Talents Program.

Knowingly or unknowingly that basically makes them spies, with plenty of other potential conflicts of interest from Big Pharma that relies on people staying ill and needing treatment.

That might explain why the idea of a cure seems to have disappeared from the health profession where there appears to have been no invention since the penicilin.

This apparent corruption at the top, those that write the guidelines rather than frontline doctors or nurses, seems evident in regards to the very bizarre episode on Chloroquine.

A doctor is carrying a trial in US on it, but he is struggling to attract volunteers, presumably because the trial setup plays Russian roulette with people’s lives:

“Researchers will send some participants Hydroxychloroquine (and others a placebo) in the mail and monitor their progress remotely through daily questionnaires.”

They will basically lie to our mothers and fathers and tell them they are getting treatment, while in fact giving them just a placebo. Half of them will actually get treatment.

In this morbid setup of bureaucratic ‘ethics,’ everyone else gets not treatment and is just left to die until these potentially corrupted ‘experts,’ or worse actual spies, determine whether the treatment works or not and make such determination based on yet another trial rather than based on the evidence that is already out there.

“The drug is reported to have had a profound impact when used to treat the symptoms exhibited by active COVID-19 cases,” so says Bahrain in yet more concrete evidence.

To Fauci however this too is probably just anecdotal because apparently he talks to the Chinese all the time and god know what they’re telling him.

You’d think they would explain why their guidelines recommend this treatment, but the bureaucrat probably knows why.

The United States has ratcheted up a crackdown on “interference in research by foreign governments, especially China.”

So hopefully some of these experts will get to explain why China had so few deaths even though only 10% of its population was quarantined, with Beijing and Shanghai for example continuing to operate as normal.

Were the people of Shanghai immune, or why did this not spread there when it managed to spread as far as Europe and America?

Considering in UK especially, the government has been persuaded to enforce the strictest of curfews with laws that tear up Magna Carta, why should deaths be here far more than in China?

In Italy, all have been locked up for weeks and have complied. Why are their deaths so much more?

The obvious answer is that they are not being given treatment, while in China they began giving treatment in early February, so bringing it all under control.

In addition this new study by Oxford is basically implying the lockdown has no effect, something that makes rational sense because this has been spreading since early January.

It’s highly infectious. One cough in the tube and everyone gets it. That’s for the past three months. So basically we’re at the peak, hence why death numbers are rising in addition to no treatment.

Ferguson however says this Oxford study won’t change government policy. He has dismissed it completely with buts and ifs, many, many of which apply to his own study.

However politicians now can no longer say they are following “science” because there are contradictory opinions.

The French top expert for example, Didie Raoult, is not being followed. This Oxford model is not being followed. So politicians are choosing what ‘science’ to follow and what ‘experts’ to listen to.

As evidence keeps building that our elected may have been mislead, hopefully they now will expand the list of experts they listen to, and so take advice from more than just one doctor, as any rational patient would do in some circumstances.

Because these ‘experts’ are contradicting each other, with seemingly the ‘bureaucrat’ experts being of the view of martial law, while people like Raoult who are on the front line or academics like Gupta from this Oxford study seem to take a more logical approach based on actual evidence rather than extraordinary predictions that are obviously false because we know there are asymptomatic cases and we know no where near all have been tested, so you can’t base 1% from just those that have been confirmed.

As such we obviously need a proper enquiry to see why it appears there is such contradiction, in addition to trials that may follow because some may well sue these bureaucrats that write the guidelines for gross negligence in failing to give people treatment, or for giving people a placebo in the midst of a pandemic instead of giving them treatment.

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  1. Differences in public policy response and different governmental approaches – that’s why. This is a global thing. Don’t politicize, it. Public health laws are draconian for a reason! Chinese won’t be honest, they just shut down movie theaters again. There is no treatment or cure we know of. Stick to scientist from democracies only.

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