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Twitter Institutes China Like Mass Censorship on Corona After Receiving One Billion From Alibaba Investors


One of the world’s biggest direct communication platform has announced a policy of mass political censorship in the middle of a pandemic that sees iconic global cities under curfew.

Twitter says they are “broadening our definition of harm to address content that goes directly against guidance from authoritative sources of global and local public health information.”

They say they have partnered with a number of authoritative sources, among which prominantly stated is the World Health Organization (WHO).

“We have partnered with the national public health agency or the World Health Organization (@WHO) directly,” they say, naming not one public health agency except for WHO, instead they just give a list of countries.

WHO has been severely criticized for showing obvious bias in favor of China to the point they denied human to human transmission even though they were informed by Taiwan of it prior to the denial, and to the point Bruce Aylward from WHO shocks all with his astonishing response to journalistic questions on Taiwan’s handling of corona.

Interestingly Twitter specifically cites a ‘fact checking’ organization from Taiwan as ‘authoritative.’

The Taiwan Fact Checking Center so happens to be funded by the Chinatrust Commercial Bank. In a report on their fact-checking, a local papers says, and we quote without comment:

“In its first attempt at checking the veracity of a version of story that was reported in some Taiwanese media that Palau Pacific Airways had ceased flight operations because Beijing had punished the chairman Chiu Hung-chao (邱宏照) for being pro-Taiwan independence. Taiwan Fact Checking Center’s conclusion was that the airline had ceased operations for commercial reasons and that Chiu was in fact not in favor of Taiwan independence.

The arguably more important facts that were somewhat muddied in the Taiwan Fact Checking Center’s first report were that Beijing did cut Chinese tourism to punish Palau for its ties with Taiwan and this did indeed cause the shutdown of the airline. The editorial decision to fixate on fact-checking Chiu’s political stance was an odd first choice, as it gave short shrift to the factual news that Beijing had used tourism to inflict economic damage on a diplomatic ally of Taiwan and led to the closure of the airline.”

Twitter received a huge investment from Russia early on in 2011 amounting to $400m plus another $400m in secondary funding.

“On October 14, 2015, former Google chief business officer Omid Kordestani became executive chairman, replacing Jack Dorsey who remains CEO,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Kordestani is an Iranian-American who was born in Tehran and grew up there before moving to USA.

There was much discussion recently about a new American investor accumulating significant stock shares of twitter to kick out Dorsey.

His attempt was held of by Silver Lake who offered a $1 billion investment to buy $2 billion worth in share buybacks.

Silver lake invested in China’s Amazon equivalent of Alibaba all the way back in 2011 and invested in the fintech giant of China Ant Financial.

Their investment in Alibaba was hugely profitable. NYT says: “Thanks to $500 million in investments in Alibaba made in 2011 and 2012, Silver Lake now sits on a stake worth more than $5.1 billion.” That was in 2014.

“Both Giuliani and Kirk’s tweets were taken down and a Twitter spokesperson confirmed to Fox News that their accounts had been temporarily locked due to their violations of its updated Twitter rules regarding the spreading of COVID-19 misinformation,” Fox reports.

The misinformation being in regards to those two tweeting the results of a new clinical study that shows Hydroxychloroquine in certain combinations is 100% effective.

They are a little bit wrong in claiming a perfect 100%, it worked on 78 patients out of 80, but a Chinese official was fully wrong in Twitting corona somehow came from US soldiers, yet he doesn’t violate the rules.

Censoring an elected politician is of course an act with massive constitutional ramifications because it is not for Twitter to say what exactly is ‘truth,’ a usually very nuanced concept.

In addition in our civilization we do not censor precisely because entities like Twitter can fairly easily be corrupted with just a bit of money, especially when they need it as they apparently reported losses of $108 million in 2017, but somehow magically jumped to a huge profit of $1.2 billion in 2018.

Nor is Twitter the only mass communication platform engaging in censorship. Tencent funded Reddit has been a key initiator of the current panic and hysteria we are seeing over what Anthony Fauci, the US health official in charge of the corona response, now says maybe is just a flu.

In particular and from observation r/worldnews pretty much overnight became all consumed with corona soon after China declared it was cleared from there and just days before Italy announced astonishing curfews.

The chorus on r/worldnews back then was what is now actively enforced under strict censorship on many subs, especially on r/coronavirus. With the ‘message’ somewhat simple.

First, China has gotten a handle of this, the propagandists say, because they enforced a lockdown, and so lockdowns works, and thus all must lockdown – Twitter now deletes your tweets if you say lockdowns maybe don’t work, according to their new policy.

If such even martial law is not implemented, they move to 100% out there fear projections of imagine if 1% of the world dies from this, that is a hundred million people with devastation and so on.

They of course completely ignore the fact China has somehow only had 3,000 deaths, and South Korea contained this fully without lockdowns. But that our own governments parrot this now and our own media, shows the very effective strategy of China.

Their domestic censorship is “decentralized and fragmented, and the burden of information control is downloaded to private companies,” says a report on Chinese bot propaganda related to corona and other events, especially the Free Hong Kong protests.

They have basically ‘exported’ this model in a way that bypasses the constitution itself and corrupts the very cherished western principles in manipulating or corrupting communication platforms to engage in open mass censorship.

To the point Twitter censors prominent leadership figures in the middle of a public debate while the stakes are the highest: life and death itself.

Reddit claims it is ordinary people that are top mods who run the sub and they can do whatever they want, unless of course the sub is The Donald which has now moved to its own hosts, but we suspect once a sub reaches a certain point Reddit admins take over either directly or indirectly since how things are going in a certain sub affects their pocket.

Twitter however does not have even this fake excuse because it is Twitter itself that is engaging in this mass censorship of primarily Americans, but also at times Chinese critics of China’s government.

It’s a mass infiltration and a subversion without even going into China’s ‘investments’ in many ‘mainstream’ western media outlets, or their buying up of Indian tech startups, or their corrupting of some 7,000 western scientists through their ‘talent’ program where they get them to sign a secret contract with the Chinese government, making them basically spies.

You should read Alexander Dugin, an advisor to Putin and apparently a significant influence on China too which he is trying to get under his control, calling them ‘subservient’ to USA if they operate in an open collaborative way instead.

That perspective explains why Putin kept coughing in his first public conference with Trump when most Americans, and especially the independents, were happy to extend their hand and end confrontations.

A hand that was bitten, and now seems to have been cut off completely, as the very welcomeness and openness of the western civilization earned from centuries of hard won knowledge – including at the ultimate expense of many of our ancestors – is seemingly exploited so fully by authoritarian communists that are basically using capitalism against itself.

Incentives matter. Who pays you matters fully because they basically have ‘legitimate’ authority to order you around. Acts out of the ordinary also matter, and to an extraordinary extent.

Mass censorship in America, especially of national figures, is clearly a mortal threat to our way of life itself.

That’s especially the case if such mass censorship is to prop up a clearly corrupted WHO which many have good basis to accuse of gross negligence.

A WHO that openly contradicts the accountable and the elected French government for example – as an aside, similar to corrupting those that run the code of an open source software, you can corrupt what the coders here would be those that write the ‘guidelines’ in regards to medication or policy – and brazenly contradict so in the middle of a pandemic at the potential expense of many lives.

Yet for Twitter, all those that contradict WHO get to be censored, even if they are elected people legitimately in charge of running things, because clearly this ostensibly American company values none of the principles which allowed it to flourish.


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