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Italy Finally Starts Mass Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine


Doctors in Italy have finally began widely prescribing hydroxychloroquine in certain combinations in Rome and the wider region of Lazio with a population of around six million.

According to Corriere della Sera, a well known Italian daily newspaper, Dr. Pier Luigi Bartoletti, Deputy National Secretary of the Italian Federation of General Practitioners, explains that every single person with Covid-19 that has early signs, like a cough or a fever for example, is now being treated with the anti-malaria drug.

The drug “is already giving good results,” Bartoletti says while Malaysia reveals they have been using it since the very beginning. Bartoletti further adds that the drug:

“Must be used with all the necessary precautions, it must be evaluated patient by patient. It can have side effects. But those that take it are responding really well. 

We have just understood that the virus has an evolution in two phases and that it is during the second phase, after a few days (about a week), that the situation can suddenly, in 24 or 48 hours, worsen and leads to respiratory failure requiring intensive care.

The results that we are starting to accumulate suggest that hydroxychloroquine administered early, gives the possibility of avoiding this evolution in a majority of patients and is also helping us to prevent hospitals from filling up.”

Incredible. What is more incredible are the statements of Professor Christian Perronne, Head of the Infectious Diseases Department at the Garches University Hospital, made in an interview with a French weekly magazine.

Referring to the European Discovery trial in which UK is taking part with only 800 patients, Perronne says:

“I refused to participate because this study provides for a group of severely ill patients who will only be treated symptomatically and will serve as control witnesses against four other groups who will receive antivirals. It is not ethically acceptable to me.

We could perfectly well, in the situation we are in, evaluate these treatments by applying a different protocol. In addition, the hydroxychloroquine group (which was added to this study at the last minute), should be replaced by a hydroxychloroquine group plus azithromycin, the current reference treatment according to the most recent data.

Finally, the protocol model chosen will not provide results for several weeks. Meanwhile, the epidemic is galloping. We are in a hurry, we are at war, we need quick assessments.”

America is to start yet another study which is to take one month even while one thousand people or more are dying worldwide today. In Italy however doctors are finally not waiting anymore with Perronne saying:

“Even though the overwhelming evidence from large randomized studies is still lacking, I am in favor of a broad prescription for the following reasons:

1. We have a large body of evidence showing that in vitro hydroxychloroquine blocks the virus. We also have several clinical results indicating that this product is beneficial if administered early and we have no mention that it harms or is dangerous in this infection (only one study, poorly detailed, Chinese, on 30 patients with control group, did not observe any benefits but also no harmful effects). What is the risk of administering chloroquine straight away: nothing!

2. This drug is very inexpensive 3. It is well tolerated in long-term treatment. Personally, I have successfully used it clinically in the chronic form of Lyme disease for 30 years at a dose of 200 mg or even 400 mg/day.

I and hundreds of other doctors are able to judge its excellent tolerance in humans. The main contraindications are severe retinal and unbalanced heart disease.

Cardiovascular events remain exceptional if care is taken: to proscribe self-medication – to check with the elderly taking a lot of drugs that there are no drug interactions (with long-term diuretics in particular) and that the rate of blood potassium is within the norm.

Apart from these precautions, the undesirable effects are minor. They are even more so as the treatment is short, which is the case against Covid-19.

It would therefore be wise to produce hydroxychloroquine in very large quantities without further delay, to make it easily accessible to infected people…

I note that Italy has just authorized the wide distribution of hydroxychloroquine on medical prescription from the start of the infection and that other countries are preparing to do the same. What are we waiting for? To have more dead?”

Incredibly the doctor says in regards to this European study for which we have to wait six weeks (and as a note all these quotes are from a rough translation):

“There will be nothing to hope from this study concerning hydroxychloroquine is administered too late. The protocol indicates that the product can be given only if the oxygen saturation of patients is less than 95%, that is to say patients with a massive oxygen supply or who must be put on artificial ventilation. This is not the right indication.”

As the doctor said above, treatment needs to be given early to stop the second phase from kicking in as that is what is causing hospitalization and in some cases even death.

Quite interestingly, now that they have began treatment, Corriere della Sera has just tweeted: “Contagions in decline in Lombardy.”

So hopefully UK, US and other countries will now learn from Italy and get this early treatment out there before deaths reach Italy levels or even more for USA as they will if people are not treated, but with early treatment this should be contained as in South Korea and many other countries where they have been giving early treatment from nearly the very beginning.


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  1. Great…only took them 2 weeks since that information was out.

  2. The name of Prof. Raoult is not even mentionned in this article! When it’s HE who discovered that treatment! All these doctors, here an Italian, want to make people believe that it’s them who discovered it!

    1. As this part of who discover Italy or South Korea? Because UK And USA they will just fear to quarantine more dead than survivors

      1. Too much resistance here in USA because Trump talked about this. Also, very cheap, will deny profits to other medicines to be introduced later.

  3. Unless I’m wrong, what South Korea did from the early beginning was not using hydroxychloroquine, but simply making mass testing. And requiring everyone to wear masks outside. These were the 2 elements that allowed them to contain the epidemic.

    1. Cotain is not the same as treatment.

    2. South Korea use hydroxychloroquine + zinc to treat the patients, by intravenous infusions.

    3. About all this came from china in first and China never tells the truth

  4. Good for Italy, hopefully works for patients. Wasn’t media critical of Trump on this?

    1. Of course they were and still are, and they claim that he has blood on his hands, everyone who has died in the past two weeks is blood on the liberal news media’s hands, so essentially all of the deaths belong to them.

      1. I believed opponents of this very cheap medicines are waiting for a much expensive/very profitable option not endorsed by Trump!

        1. Yes you are right. A lot of pockets ate not being lined by greenbacks with the hydroxchloroquine

    2. Yes, they were critical of him because by advertising it on national TV he caused a shortage as people bought out the supply nationwide, and stockpiled, leading to the drug being unavailable to people who depend on this drug for this and other conditions

      1. How did they buy this without prescriptions????

      2. you are talking out of your ass, how do you say something so stupid and wrong with such confidence

      3. You’re such a liar. Your hate for Trump is apparent. You would rather speak lies than help people.

      4. No, he did not “advertise” it – he stated there was a drug that was showing PROMISING results, leftist wack-jobs then accused him of practicing medicine. Some also banned DOCTORS from prescribing it in their states.

      5. Yes … there was a shortage. And those who were critical of Trump secretly took hydroxy when they got sick. I think that’s an excuse, because when this all went down our manufacturing was overseas. Our food supply chain almost collapsed. Trump and the private sector repurposed all kinds of factories and got us covered. Was it a rough patch? Scary? Yes. Governors shouldn’t have hoarded the hydroxy but worked with federal govt to ensure the supply chain was sufficient. One thing I’ve learned from all of this, state government directly impacts and controls my life more than federal. I’m glad Trump was in office to repurpose the factories. I looked at the H1N1 history. That would’ve been a failure.

  5. LInk the report? I found few reports about on the Italian news site but not this one.

    1. That’s because this is not sourced from any credible news and is largely a fantasy piece. This is why it’s not being covered anywhere, including in Italy.

  6. South Korea first used Hydrixychloroquine and Zinc. Poor results. French Dr. Didier tried hydroxychloroquine but added Azithromycin. He had great success (100%?) US Dr. Zelenski treated over 700 patients early in the disease with Hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulfate, and azithromycin and has logged 100% success rate. What more do we need to know? Start prescribing it at onset of symptoms NOW!

    1. Let’s go USA! Italy is on the lead now!

      1. Its political. The Democrats want to destroy Trump they dont care if we die or the Country collapses. Trump is for it so they dismiss and forbid it. Im not afraid to speak the truth.

    2. Dr. Fauci and other infectious disease researchers have been waiting and predicting this their entire careers. These are fascinating times for them while they wait to see if their theories of mitigation work to “level the curve” while predicting 200k deaths in the U.S alone. If these drugs are mass prescribed and are successful at reducing infection and death rates what does that do to their theories and the resulting curve? It will skew it and their”study” would be officially over.

    3. Please start the medication to safe the world finish. It is not the time for politics to lead the world. Start these medication safe lives. God bless very one every where. Thanks

  7. The medical system doesnt like change and doesnt want it coming from the workers, will watch Italy closer and see if there are changes

  8. South Korea has the lowest fatality/severity rate because (in my opinion) they used hydroxychloroquine early. This treatment method was refined by the French by adding Azithromycin and by other doctors by adding zinc and vitamin C and D.

  9. Could the medical Establishment have misunderstood their Hippocratic oath and be reacting with spite against President Trump. If this proves to be the case, thousands will die unnecessarily.

    “If in doubt, try it out.” Sir Humphry Davy (1778 – 1829)

  10. First disclosed by the Hunan Institute of Virology 4 February.

  11. Wow, the English obviously don’t want the hydroxychloroquine to work.

    1. Our system is very corrupt. They want expensive new drugs to be made. Getting paid .70 per pill vs several hundred to a thousand….they’ve got our govt medical system, politicians, and media in their pockets. Except Trump. He’s already angered pharma with his latest executive order. Kinda makes you wonder who’s been running USA, doesn’t it?

  12. You know this article is silly when the author correlates use of Hydroxychloroquine in hospitals as being responsible for a reduction in contagion in Lombardy. C’mon, Man! Do Better. It’s the 5th of April, Italians are still dying in droves. Stop selling false hope for pharmaceutical sales. The Doctors will do the right thing if it works. The Media and Politicians have nothing to do with it.

    1. Acually, the death number in Italy is dropping significantly, and besides, the main benefit of the drug is when it is given early, which means those dying now, who were infected weeks ago, were probably not medicated with hydroxychloroquine early on.

    2. Hydroxy was used for prior SARS illnesses. The theory behind it is that it’s an antiviral. It helps the body fight against the virus, but once the body is full of the virus it’s too late. It’s got to be given when symptoms first appear. Testing or no testing. I am not a doctor, I don’t know how it exactly works. But when given this way especially in combination it’s good success.

  13. Everyone read.. “EARLY DETECTION”.. ?? If tests are not available, then early detection is not possible. I’ve taken placqunl for ages.. but I don’t diagnose myself.

  14. Where is the source link?

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